About Valen

Boring Marathon
Running my first marathon in 4mm sandals. I came in 5th overall, 3rd for my age group.

My name is Valen, I live in Sandy, OR. It’s the “Gateway to Mt. Hood”. Oregon is the unofficial “gateway state”. Troutdale is “Gateway to the Columbia River Gorge”, which is the aquatic “gateway to the pacific ocean.”

Since there are so many gateways without actual gates in this state, I thought it might be a good idea to run without actual shoes in this state. So far, I’ve partially ruptured both of my Achilles Tendons, got a wicked infected blister, and fallen head over heals in love with barefoot running. It’s like tapping your inner child on the shoulder and saying, “Let’s play!” There’s nothing like the feel of wet concrete beneath your feet.

Even though I’ve battled injuries, I am faithful to barefoot running. Now, I actually WANT TO RUN. Running with cushioned shoes shuts me off from the world. It’s kinda like kissing someone with a bag over your head. Bouncy shoes make running a chore to be endured, rather than an exhilarating experience to be savored. Shoeless running has completely changed the shape of my feet, my lower legs, and my spirit. I feel much more connected with the world and happy to be alive.

I hope my blog helps you discover the joys of barefoot running. Run Long, Run Far, Run Bare.

I am not a reptilian humanoid.

–Valen No Moccasins