Discover Nike’s Secret Barefoot Shoe

I wore my huaraches when I visited my brother. He works as junior footwear designer at Nike where he chooses fabrics, colors, and other materials for Nike Skateboard Shoes.

Although he doesn’t deal with running, he did attend a top secret running footwear show where he was privy to some of Nike’s minimalist / barefoot shoes. He whispered some top secret info about a line of Nike running shoes. He couldn’t say much about them; but, from what I gathered Nike’s going to introduce an environmentally friendly sleek line of shoes that will revolutionize bare foot shoes.

If you’ve seen any of my youtube videos, you will know that I am not fashionista or a huge fan of mega corporations such as Nike. However, I am stoked that Nike is taking minimalist running seriously. It’s almost as commendable as it is ironic. I mean even the Born to Run Store offers Nike. Yet there is an entire chapter devoted to how NIKE ripped runners apart with bad shoe design. Of course, Born to Run commits other sins as well. One of the worst is suggesting that you can just run miles and miles without shoes and it will cure all your running problems.

Personally, I’m not a fan of minimalist shoes. I think they trick you into running further than you should, resulting in injuries. I wear Ted’s Sandals, mostly for walking and when I visit my brother.

I highly recommend Barefoot Ken Bob’s Book if you want to learn to run barefoot. It’s a lot cheaper than Super Fancy Teched Out “Barefoot shoes”.

Also, you might want to watch the video at the bottom on my “how to run barefoot” page. It shows you get started SAFELY.

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