Barefoot Comedy Tour

Since I’ve given everything else a shot, I thought I’d try my hand at some barefoot comedy writing. Unlike funny jokes, my jokes require explaination. Here we go:

  • A recent study showed that running reduces high blood pressure. That’s good news for debtors and creditors. It’s funny because the creditors are chasing the debtors. Both get healthy exercise.
  • Barefoot running is better for your knees than running with shoes. That’s good news for debtors, BAD news for creditors. It’s funny because the debtors can’t afford shoes.
  • Another recent study showed that barefoot running doesn’t reduce your monthly bills. That’s good news for creditors, BAD news for debtors. It’s funny because you can’t outrun your bills. OK that’s not funny at all.

These might get better with time–at least that’s what I hope happens.