Here’s a Quick Way to Laugh or Roll your Eyes


Some Silly Stick Captions.
Caption #1:
I told you the new ginsus were sharp!

OK, OK, I admit it: you can take this minimalist lifestyle thing too far. 





That’s what happens when you watch too much TV.
What people look like to someone suffering from an acute case of Pacman fever. 





What your spouse looks standing in the doorway after your first ultra.
The first thing everyone looks at when they attend their own funeral.
A Grisly Bear’s Trophy Wall.


It’s Lame to Have a Blog Post about Image Captions with Images to Caption and Nothing asking visitors Not Hotlink WHILE PERMITTING HOT-LINKING. Then for no good reason, just turning off Hot-Linking. That’s screwy. I wouldn’t have hot-linked had I known. When you urge people to caption your photos in a blog post about blog ideas, you have to expect your readers to assume that hot-linking is OK. I mean, it is a post for bloggers who want to BLOG captions for the IMAGES–at least make download links or mention “No hotlinks”. I came home from a nice hike and was greeted with busted post. I had re-create the images from memory. What is this the 90s!?


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