Mad Dog and Marlboros the Holy Grail of Endurance Training

Steve Prefontaine in post-Olympic track and fi...
Steve Prefontaine in post-Olympic track and field meet 15 Sep 72, at the Crystal Palace, London UK (Photo credit: The Happy Rower)

Did you know that smoking and drinking are as healthy as running a full marathon? That’s what an exciting report from Canadian Medical Association Journal suggests.

The irrefutable, infallible logic:

  • Serum hemoglobin is related to endurance running performance. Smoking enhances serum hemoglobin levels. Furthermore, alcohol may support this beneficial adaptation.
  • Lung volume also correlates with running performance, and distance training increases lung volume. Smoking increases lung volume too!!!
  • Running is a weight-bearing sport; as a result, lighter runners are typically faster. Smoking reduces body weight too!!!

Because smoking and drinking increase lung volume, serum levels, and can lead to weight loss, booze and cigarettes are just as healthy and as running marathons.

The take away message is clear: it’s better to lead a healthy lifestyle sitting on the couch sipping a  bottle of hooch and blowing smoke rings than it is to rise at the crack of dawn and run ten miles.

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Smoking drinking healthy as running marathon

Are you a fit and healthy wino who sucks cheap fags? Post your experience in the comments below.

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