Who is Anita Shoe?

Anita Shoe Barefoot comedy character
Anita Shoe at Work

Anita Shoe used to dip her pencil in tobasco sauce before she wrote anything. She thought it would make her erotic novels even hotter. She went broke the first year and nearly starved, until she realized she could eat her words.

She made a cellphone out of table forks; but it only accepted texts that had a little spam.

She sold bicycle-shaped spoons; ¬†you couldn’t eat with them, but for $29.95 a month, you could join her MLM Crew and peddle them too.


What the Hell was that about?

Writing blog posts has not been a burning desire for me lately; so, I kick-started the writing process by re-skimming a book I bought many years ago, The New Comedy Writing Step by Step. Much of the information is hopelessly dated, but the book offers many exciting and challenging writing exercises. This one forced me to build a list of random nouns and then to connect them in specific way. The first noun served as the set-up, the second as the foundation of the punchline. I added the loony name: Anita Shoe to create a cohesive-ish blog post.

Here are the nouns I had to connect.

  • Pencil – Tobasco Sauce
  • Cellphone – Forks
  • Bicycle – Spoons
Run free. Write Free.
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