Boring Barefoot Marathon Fourth of July Edition (Day 6)

I didn’t expect to discover a marathon that only 14 runners have finished in the three decades that it’s been held. And I had no idea that the race resulted from the infamous James Earl Ray.

“You haven’t tested your limits until you try something you can’t do.”
–Founder of the Barkley 100 .

But today isn’t the Barkley 100. Today is the Fourth of July. Happy Independence Day America! I had a pleasant drive along the Columbia Gorge in search of majestic waterfalls. After taking the cool mists of Multnomah falls, I looked to heaven and witnessed a noble bald eagle soaring above me. How American is that? A bald eagle on the Fourth of July! After a serious bout of patriotism, I ate a burger at the Edgefield in Troutdale Oregon with my brother-in-law who visiting us from Spokane and my lovely wife.

In terms of barefoot marathon training, today is another strength/recovery day. I did Jillian Michael’s Week One of Ripped in Thirty. Tomorrow is my long run day. How far will I run? Check back to find out.

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