The Secret to Superhuman Feet Finally Revealed

Have you ever wished for steel feet?

Ballerinas have unlocked the secret to superhuman foot strength. Ballet is insanely hard on feet; dancers suffer the same types of repetitive foot and strain injuries that barefoot runners have to endure. Ballerinas also have to abide by strict schedules and rigorous training. Over the years they have developed a system of strengthening their feet to superhuman levels. Here are some of their secrets.

  1. Secret Ballet Foot Stretches

    Ballerina Foot Stretches.

  2. Esoteric Top of Foot and Toe Stretches

    Secret Stretch moves.

  3. The Occult Power of Ballerina Footwear

    Ballerina Flats are ideal for barefoot runners, they have all of the qualities of “barefoot shoes” without the nasty mark-up. They are also designed to mold to the your foot and are perfectly suited to running.

    The Samra Ballet Flat/Barefoot Running Shoe is particularly suited to barefoot running. Flats are slightly less breathable than some of the expensive barefoot shoes, but they work just as well and cost a heck of lot less.

  4. Sublime Energy of the Tutu

    There is a mysterious quality to fabric of the tutu. It is both opaque and transparent. If a man wears a tutu while he runs barefoot, it will make other drunken males want to chase him, thereby increasing his speed training. Plus, he’ll look absolutely fabulous whilst staying in shape.

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What Everybody Ought to Know about Barefoot Shoes

Did you know that Bare foot shoes are for ADVANCED BAREFOOT RUNNERS?

Nike, Tera Plana, and, heck, even Chris MacDougal won’t say that aloud. But it’s true. The fact is if you simply slap on some Vivo Barefoot Kalis and run as fast and as far as you normally do in traditional shoes, YOU WILL PROBABLY SEVERELY INJURE YOURSELF.

Just listen to what Barefoot Ted has to say to beginning barefoot runners:
“[Barefoot Running] is not good if you are thinking it is some sort of cure-all that only requires taking off your shoes and starting to run injury free without radical changes in the way you may have been thinking of running up to now. If your running strategy has been about very specific time or distance goals, and you have been willing to push through pain to injury, then I would caution you: your bare feet will not allow you to continue this way. ”

Besides the Ridiculous Name, What’s Wrong with “Barefoot Shoes”?

First Consider the Qualities of Barefoot Shoes:

  • ZERO arch support

    If you wear shoes, your arch is weak. Running improperly or properly without it will put stress on your arch. Too much stress means injury.

  • ZERO heel cushioning

    This means your foot hits flat, causing your Achilles tendon to stretch. Regular shoes baby your Achilles. If you put too much stress on your Achilles, it can SNAP leaving you in a world of misery: surgery, cast, and lots of physical therapy.

  • ZERO stability or motion control

    You will automatically pronate when you run without shoes–shoe padding has prevented you from pronating for as long as you have been running. Pronation is nature’s course, but when you start to pronate after years of “forced stability,” you’re knees and lower leg won’t be ready for it.


    Barefoot shoes allow your toes to splay. This helps with impact. But some of your bones may be stiff from lack of use, which can result in aches.

The problem isn’t barefoot shoes. It’s what they allow you to do: GO TOO FAR OR RUN TOO FAST. The protective sole on barefoot shoes allows you run further than you would in bare feet. Furthermore, the sole, no matter how thin does provide some cushioning. The minor cushioning prevents all the necessary feedback you need to correct your stride. It also tends make you want to run as fast as you did when you wore regular shoes.

I know the forums are lighting up with barefoot running injuries. In fact most of the hits to my blog are for barefoot running injuries. Why? Because when you take off your shoes, you magnify everything. The world comes alive, but so do your atrophied muscles, and stiff tendons and ligaments. If you just “run through the pain”, your feet run the pain through you. If you piss them off too much, they’ll put you on your back.

I love to run, hike, and be barefoot. Removing my shoes has opened me to a world of new experience. But even the majestic Redwood only adds one ring a year.

There is a time for shoes and a time to be bare. The Barefoot Running Gods Welcome all. They told me that WEARING TRADITIONAL SHOES IS NOT A SIN WHEN MAKING THE TRANSITION TO BAREFOOT RUNNING.


That said.

Let your Feet be the Judge

If barefoot shoes alleviate some of straight bare ills, by all means wear them. The ultimate goal is running safely and as comfortably as possible.

Discover Nike’s Secret Barefoot Shoe

I wore my huaraches when I visited my brother. He works as junior footwear designer at Nike where he chooses fabrics, colors, and other materials for Nike Skateboard Shoes.

Although he doesn’t deal with running, he did attend a top secret running footwear show where he was privy to some of Nike’s minimalist / barefoot shoes. He whispered some top secret info about a line of Nike running shoes. He couldn’t say much about them; but, from what I gathered Nike’s going to introduce an environmentally friendly sleek line of shoes that will revolutionize bare foot shoes.

If you’ve seen any of my youtube videos, you will know that I am not fashionista or a huge fan of mega corporations such as Nike. However, I am stoked that Nike is taking minimalist running seriously. It’s almost as commendable as it is ironic. I mean even the Born to Run Store offers Nike. Yet there is an entire chapter devoted to how NIKE ripped runners apart with bad shoe design. Of course, Born to Run commits other sins as well. One of the worst is suggesting that you can just run miles and miles without shoes and it will cure all your running problems.

Personally, I’m not a fan of minimalist shoes. I think they trick you into running further than you should, resulting in injuries. I wear Ted’s Sandals, mostly for walking and when I visit my brother.

I highly recommend Barefoot Ken Bob’s Book if you want to learn to run barefoot. It’s a lot cheaper than Super Fancy Teched Out “Barefoot shoes”.

Also, you might want to watch the video at the bottom on my “how to run barefoot” page. It shows you get started SAFELY.