Raw Vegan Diet Deficiency–Brain Damage?

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I’m supposed to be finishing a job application. I’m not unemployed. On the contrary, I have three jobs, but they’re all “on-call”, which means sometimes I’m working happily  five, six, or seven day weeks and sometimes I just stay at home watching Youtube, reading, running or painting tattoo flash. This post was written early in the morning on one of my 7 day work days–the sabbath to be precise. But this post isn’t about employment, it’s about food.

You may be wondering what delicious foods have passed my lips and bowels this past year? You are weird for wondering about my bowels, but I forgive you. Mostly fresh fruits and vegetables. If you’ve read my previous post, you also know that I gave up coffee. For the past year, you might say that I’ve been a hardcore vegan. And when I say hardcore, I mean mostly raw and mostly whole foods. Every morning, I punch in a fist-full of raw kale into my gut. I usually eat around 5 to 10 bananas a day, one or three apples, an orange or two, some dates, and “raw” nuts.

I have, however, decided to add meat to my diet. Why? First let me describe my experience with a mostly 80 10 10, raw vegan diet. For the first few months, I felt absolutely fantastic. My digestion cleared up, my energy levels soared, and my anxiety faded. But after the honeymoon, things got strange. First of all, no matter how much I ate, I always felt hungry. Although I didn’t gain weight, I was constantly grazing–to the point where my jaws were soar. I’d eat five oranges, seven bananas, eight or nine dates, and bowls of salad and be hungry fifteen minutes later. My stomach was full, but appetite had not been satiated. I felt great, but I also felt like eating was a full time job and I felt that something was missing. It was difficult to work and to socialize because food took up such a huge part of my life. I had to plan my meals and I couldn’t just enjoy a meal with friends and family. I felt isolated. Although I didn’t preach or make my friends and family feel bad for eating “their” food, I did feel a sense of isolation and separateness.

As the months rolled on, I began to feel more and more spacey. My mind was filled with brain fog. My memory would short circuit. I’d be typing or talking and lose my train of thought. It was difficult to hold thoughts in my mind. I would be driving to work when, suddenly, I’d wonder if I was going to work or coming home from work. I’d be completely disoriented for a second or two. It felt as if I had been lobotomized. It was quite frightening and distressing.  I seriously wondered if I had a brain disease or had suffered a stroke. According to the fruitarian community, I wasn’t eating enough. What a load of BS. I was eating plenty. Eating wasn’t the problem. Energy wasn’t the problem. The restrictive diet was the problem!

As I researched nutrition, I discovered the cause of my problem. BTW, nutrition is a fascinating topic. In terms of science, human nutrition is still very young. My research on 80 10 10 and raw food diets alarmed me. I quickly discovered many other people who shared similar experiences to mine. After some study, I have come to the conclusion that a 100% vegan diet is not optimal. To be fair, I’ve got a lot of health benefits from eating lots more raw food. But I have noticed that after eating a small amount of LOCALLY raised chicken to my diet that I feel much better. I’m not as hungry after a meal and my ability concentrate and to hold thoughts has improved.

I wasn’t vegan because I cared about animals. I was vegan for my health. When my health declined, I decided to listen to my body. I’m still eating whole foods and I’m still eating lots of raw fruits and veggies. In fact, I still consider my diet to be “plant-based”. But plants are the ONLY things that I eat. Human beings are omnivores. There is no denying that. All of the vegan, fruitarian, or vegetarian cultures use the diet for spiritual reasons, either to avoid bad karma or to punish the flesh. It’s not a “natural” diet. And the fact that Dr. Graham claims that its the “human diet” is absolutely ridiculous. I won’t even address the fact that the fruits and vegetables that we eat today are farmer’s foods. Truly wild potatoes, wild tomatoes, and even bananas are inedible–wild potatoes are toxic.The fruits and veggies of today would NOT have been available to our ancestors. The fruits and veggies that we enjoy today taste good because we’ve bred them taste good. Doug Graham is also dead wrong about the perils of cooking food. Cooking vegetables, especially red vegetables makes some of their key nutrients MORE absorb-able and it activates their cancer busting properties. It also makes it easier to eat higher quantities of healthy food. I’ll probably write another post debunking Dr. Graham. But for now, I’ll conclude this long and rambling post:  The secret to a healthful diet is to eat whole foods.

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How I Kicked Coffee in 2 Easy Steps

Caffeine junky--morning hit.
Caffeine junky–morning hit.

Ever since the ninth grade, I’ve been hooked on coffee. In the beginning, it was just a cheap cup of instant Folgers crystals–that’s what my dad drank–well actually my dear old dad drank an even cheaper, toxicer imitation of Folger’s instant coffee crystals that he bought in bulk from a discount store called “Mac Frugrals” in San Jose, CA. I quickly discovered that he didn’t drink the hot black beverage for its taste. When I first sipped the nasty sludge, I shuddered as it slid down my throat into my gut.  It was terrible. I tried to kill face puckering taste of the “coffee” with whole milk and lots of sugar. It worked. Soon I was happily addicted to caffeine.

Years later, when I hit De Anza Community College-, the instant coffee-like drink, just wouldn’t do. I moved onto properly brewed and roasted coffees. I discovered many exciting roasts and exotic blends. I had no idea that coffee could actually have flavor.  One cup a day quickly turned to three, especially on exam days. Then when finals hit, I was up to five. And that’s where my intake remained for decades, until, quite by accident, I decided to eat fruit for a week.

The fruit diet cleansed my palate and  ended many unhealthy food cravings. It also gave me a naturally simple way to kick my caffeine habit:

I stopped adding creamer and sugar to my morning cup.

That trick automatically decreased my intake. Instantly, I dropped down from three cups in the morning to one. I drank one cup of bitter black coffee for about a week. And then….

I switched to tea.

A properly brewed cup of tea has less caffeine than a cup coffee. I sipped the tea without cream or sugar. The rigid, earthy flavor of tea is not much for the taste buds, yet much more interesting than black coffee. The first day, I drank one cup, but I got a headache about half an hour after finishing it, so I had another cup–I drank it tepid. By the second day, just one cup was enough. Towards the end of the week, I cut myself down to half a cup tea. Eventually, I just forgot to brew my tea in the morning.

For me, the trick to kicking the caffeine habit was NOT to go at it cold turkey. Every time, I’ve tried to go cold turkey, the headaches sent me back to the barista. All in all, it took me slightly over two weeks to completely quit caffeine. It’s been over a year since I stopped drinking caffeinated beverages. I still enjoy the delightful aroma of coffee, but the craving to drink it is gone.

Toy Company lets toddlers build lego like meth labs--outrageous.
Toy Company lets toddlers build lego like meth labs–outrageous.

You might be wondering why I choose to quit coffee. After all, research shows that it can be good for you. First, coffee is an expensive daily beverage. I was spending at least $15 a week on coffee. That’s $780 a year! Second, I HAD to drink it or suffer terrible headaches. I didn’t like having that level of addiction in my life. And quite frankly, it surprises me that society is comfortable with it. Caffeine is sanctioned addiction. At the library where I work I see twelve year girls drinking tall coffees right next to mom and dad. No one thinks it strange that these preadolescents are already physically hooked on a meth-like-substance. The parents of these caffeine junkies would probably not let their children play with “Bricking Bad”, a lego knock-off that lets toddlers build their very own meth-lab. Yet they allow their kids to gulp down liquid crypto.

Is it really worth the buzz? 

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How I Shaved 3 Minutes off my 10 Milers Without Even Trying

Banana Ice Cream
Frozen bananas area healthy creamy summer treat.

Last summer, I reached my goal of running a 10 miler once a week with 3-5 milers on my other run days. I did so with much effort and to be quite honest my 10 mile pace was pathetically slow. After my long runs, I would “treat” myself to beer and pizza. It would take me a full day and a half to recover from my long run and I would still be a little stiff on my subsequent run.

This summer, I’m running 10 milers 3 minutes faster than last summer and I’m running 5-7 miles on my light days!!! I am no longer plagued by the nuisances of last summer’s long runs. No sluggish running pace, no more pizza cravings, and no more bent-over-elderly-man-with-a-secret-knife-and-flask-cane exhaustion.

What is my secret? What have I changed?

I no longer defileth my body. I’m eating REAL food, recovering faster, and I’ve lost fat and built lean muscle. I gobble as many fresh fruits and vegetables as I care to eat throughout the day. For dinner, I enjoy brown rice and beans with assorted vegetables or quinoa or sweet potatoes or some other homemade vegan dish.

BTW, I DO take 3 KEY SUPPLEMENTS (not present in a vegan diet):

  • B-12 (Everyone, vegan or not, should take b-12)
  • Vitamin D (I use in for the gray cloudy days in Oregon)
  • DHA (Dr. Bernard recommends it in Power Foods for the Brain)

The results are amazing. I no longer crave junk food. My hair, teeth, and skin are radiant. I have more energy and my recovery for running is absolutely fantastic. I feel twenty years younger! I’m in better shape now than when I was 18. Best of all, I haven’t lost any muscle. I have been eating this way since Christmas.

If you’re interested in giving healthful eating a try, here are a few plant based running resources:

NO MEAT ATHLETE (Excellent Plant based nutrition specifically for runners.)


Salt Sugar Fat

Forks Over Knives

Engine 2

What’s the Big Vegan Lie? Secret Meal Finally Exposed

Yes, I have a twisted sense of humor. But I’m tired of reading all of the BS about the deficiencies of a Vegan diet.
[alert_red] Transcript:[/alert_red]
The vegan community was hiding this from the carnivores.
About once a week, they would eat STEAK.
And they would say, “Don’t tell anyone. No one can know that we eat steak because our vegan diet fails us. It doesn’t give us all the nutrients. So once a week, we have to eat steak in secret. Just to keep up the facade; so that everyone thinks that our vegan diet works.”
And I said, “That’s not right. We can live on just fruits and vegetables. We don’t need meat!”
And they said,

“No! You shut up! YOU MUST EAT MEAT ONCE A WEEK IF YOU WANT TO BE A TRUE VEGAN.” And I said, “No! I don’t want to eat red meat. It’s not healthy.”

And they said, “If you don’t eat red meat once a week, then you WILL HAVE TO EAT THE MEAT OF MEAT. The meat that is the REAL MEAT.”
And I said, “What do you mean by, ‘ The eat that is the REAL meat? What is the meat of meat?” And they were quiet, and they wouldn’t answer me. Every time I asked them, they would change the subject. And then, Jannie spoke out. And she went missing.
And I said, “Where is Jannie?” And they said, “she is not longer with the Vegan Community.”
And I said, “Why is she no longer with the community?”
And they said, “She told everyone that we eat meat on the weekends because our diet is insufficient. And so now she’s not with us.”
And I said, “Well I don’t want to eat meat either.”
And they said, “Well now that she’s not with us, you can try the meat that is the real meat, the meat of meat.”
And I said, “I don’t understand. I don’t want to eat meat.
And they held out a strangely shaped piece of meat that had a very unusual aroma about it. And scarred [scorched] on the piece of meat was a piece of Jannie’s sock. And that was when I decided that I had to speak out.

BTW, I loved Jannie very much–she was DELICIOUS!

Are Damaged Tastebuds Endangering Your Life?

Are Your Tastebuds Broken?

Are you battling food addictions? Do peaks and valleys in your weight, moods, and health alarm you?

I battled toxic food addictions for several years. My weight, moods, and health were as stable as frying pan full of dynamite sticks in a sauce of TNT. It took me decades to find the core issue of my misery.

You too can discover a quick and easy way to end food cravings and addictions. It doesn’t require fasting, starvation, detoxification, powders, pills, creams, or money.

It’s completely natural and FREE. Anyone can do it.

Do you want to learn this life saving knowledge? Knowledge that stops harmful cravings & kicks unhealthy food addictions.

Watch my video to find out how I reset my taste buds, gained more energy and brightened my entire outlook on life for FREE:

Are You Peeling Away Your Health?

Come here. I’ve got something for you.

Come here, I got something for you. (Annoying Gif I made with a FREE Gif app and Amazon Prime. Clip is from the hit movie: The Firm.)

Have you ever gotten citric acid on a cut near your fingernail?

It’s a ferocious drop of agony, isn’t it? There are worst agonies to be endured from citrus abuse. (See: Amazing Orange Facts Below.)

Most orange peelers use a knife to cut towards the thumb, like a stupid mafia boss in a bad gangster movie. The result? A sliced thumb and a long strip or two of orange-peel. Worst of all the orange meat is covered with thick white coat of rind, which steals flavor from the juicy meat.

Add this method to your arsenal of orange peeling knowledge.

How to Peel and Orange efficiently.

I love the simplicity of this peel. It makes even easier to toss orange segments into smoothies; thereby, increasing recovery time from REPEATING GIF ANIMATION INDUCED SEIZURES.

Amazing Orange Facts

  • Pectin,a key component of orange fiber, protects the mucous membrane of the colon by reducing exposure to toxic substances; it also binds to and evacuates cancer-causing chemicals in the colon.
    eating oranges also reduces bad blood cholesterol levels.
  • The spray of orange zest from the orange peel is highly flammable. Ernest Hemingway
    used to entertain himself with citrus peel fireworks as he chomped on roasted chestnuts in front of a warm Parisian fire.
  • Oranges are full of phyto-nutrients such as caringenin, a powerful antioxidant, free radical assasin, anti-inflammatory agent, and immune system booster.
  • Spanariads used oranges to punish criminals and the like. The term, anaranjear, means, literally, to “orangicate” – to pelt something with oranges. Oranges are heavy and soft. Ouch! WTF? Spaniards like to throw fruit, first oranges and to this day tomatoes.

May you be happy. May you be healthy. May you escape being pelted with oranges and just enjoy their delicious flavor instead and also live with ease.

Easy Homemade Raw Power Bars that Will Make You Rich & Powerful

Raw Power Bars
[intro]All Raw, Homemade Power Bars (aka $100,000 cookies) that Will Make You Rich & Powerful[/intro]

Not free! This recipe is $100,000 (see Notes)



  • 2/3 cup raw almond butter (you can grind your own at most stores)
  • Handful or two of crunched almonds (Grab a meat hammer or a regular hammer. Place handful of almonds on a cutting board, cover said almonds with towel to muffle their screams and to prevent damage from almond shrapnel. Pound away at the almonds. Explore your aggression in the safety of your kitchen. Soon you will have a glorious pile of gourmet crunched raw almonds, which you can then add to your delicious dessert and also sell online for thousands of dollars.)
  • 1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 1/4 cup agave nectar or honey
  • 1 tsp nutmeg (it adds an eggnog style flavor without all of the drunk; it’s optional).
  • 3 tbsp cacao nibs or dark chocolate chips (you can also use 2 table spoons of raw cocao powder)



Blender that has haunted me for over a decadeUse a $1.50 garage sale blending device that has haunted your household for decades to mix the almond butter, oats, cinnamon, nutmeg, and coca powder (if that’s how you roll) into to a fine meal.
Add the agave nectar or honey and blend again. [pullquoteleft] Eat handful of the dough because it is mandatory to eat uncooked cookie dough in the mixing bowl. get a spoon ,scoop some raw dough onto it and offer to a loved one. It’s very classy and that person will love you for being so dang considerate.[/pullquoteleft]
Next, add the cocoa nibs (or chocolate chips) and glorious pile of almond shards. Mix by hand with and old hand-me-down wooden spoon with splinters and dark spots from years of cooking fiascoes.
Roll the cookie dough into balls; use a metal spoon (cut square sheets of wax paper & press to form squares or skip the wax paper and roll into balls because you’re a lazy ass–but that’s OK because you’re going to be rich and powerful after feasting on these delicious treats). Place the raw cookie shapes on a cookie pan lined with parchment paper or some other appropriate receptacle. Shove them into the ‘fridge until hunger strikes or an hour has passed. If they aren’t as firm as you like, stick them in the freezer for a while. [pullquoteright] Now you have some fake health food that is really just hunks of fat and sugar, but it has fiber and other nutrients and you made it yourself so it tastes super good.[/pullquoteright] Store cookies in a tightly covered container in the refrigerator or in your stomach for safe keeping.


In about 3 days, the raw almond cookies will turn into brilliant ideas for making money, which will enable your brain to figure out a way to make 1 million dollars! At that point, you will officially owe me 10% of the $1,000,000, which is, of course, a mere $100,000; it is a small price to pay. I mean, it’s like you’re buying $900,000 for only $100,000. That’s a good deal! You’re crazy NOT to do it, man.

If $100 grand is too much, then use the links below to buy invisible shoes or something from Amazon. Thanks 🙂

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Six Word Saturday

Just for fun, an added spleen.

Spleen is useless for digestion.
The fun spleen offers nothing in terms of digestion.

(It makes more sense when you know about the digestive system. HMMM, protein and fat take a lot of digestive effort, maybe that’s why carbs kick the ass of other foods.)

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