How to Stop April Fools Harrassment

  1. Don’t prank others

    It’s unfair to ask someone else to stop pranking you if you’ve been gluing quarters to the floor, dying milk, and messing with their computer all day long.

  2. If you don’t know the prankster, tell the person that it’s unacceptable behavior. DON’T LAUGH to be polite.

    If the person continues, tell a supervisor, parent, or someone in authority. I think it’s perfectly justified to slap or punch a prankster. If he or she doesn’t respect your wishes.

  3. Call an April Fool’s Truce with those you Love and Care

    Make sure you let the other person know that it’s a serious truce and that breach of it will damage your relationship.

Find Barefoot Running Routes with Walk Jog Run

Walk Jog Run

Do you want to find a running routes in San Francisco, Santa Cruz, or some other location? What about a 5,6, or 7 mile route in Portland, Seattle, or even in your own neighborhood? This video will show you how. (It doesn’t show you how to create barefoot running routes with Walk Jog Run, it shows you how to how to search and filter existing routes.)

Barefoot Running Routes with Walk Jog Run (Link for Mobile Phone)

3 Secrets to Barefoot Running

  • Start off Barefoot WALKING.

    Just taking off your shoes and going for five mile barefoot run is sure way to get injured. It takes time for the muscles in your feet to recover from chronic shoe-wearing. The skin on the bottom of your will need to develop in order for you to run longer distances. Barefoot walking will strengthen your feet and reveal the pleasure of experiencing the world without shoes.

  • GET Limber

    Always stretch before and AFTER your runs. Here are some excellent barefoot runner stretches.

  • Learn proper form on a treadmill, carpet, or front lawn (MAKE SURE YOU INSPECT THE LAWN CAREFULLY BEFORE RUNNING ON IT.)

    You will have to own your treadmill for this because most health clubs don’t allow barefoot use of facilities. Not only do treadmills have a lower impact than concrete, but they also have a tough, yet soft(ish) surface, which is perfect for building up thick layers of skin on the soles of your feet. Treadmills will blister your feet if you run too long on them. When you run bare, you go from regular blisters to weird blood blisters, but they heal quickly. Start out SLOW–decrease the treadmill speed significantly. I find that making it go too fast leads to heel striking.
    Your goal is to master good form, not run like the wind. Speed will come later. But good form will ensure that you don’t get injured and are able to run more often. Watch the stride technique videos for more information about proper running form. Running barefoot improper form will hurt and possible damage your feet; it may also cause other injuries such as ankle, knee, and back pain.
    It also helps to have someone make a video of you running. WATCHING YOURSELF ON VIDEO IS THE BEST WAY TO IMPROVE FORM. Be patient. When your body re-adjusts to barefoot activities, your stamina, enjoyment, and health will thrive.

“…the hallmark of my barefoot running philosophy is regaining connectedness, mindfulness, and presence in your running and in your body.” —Barefoot Ted

Three Crippling Ways Shoes Deform Your Feet & Ruin the Planet

Shoes are perverse. They cut us off from the world, stifle our feet, and deplete natural resources. Here are three evils of shoes:

  • Muscle Atrophy

    Did you know that wearing shoes causes the muscles in your feet to atrophy? Arch support weakens your arch causing abnormal muscle loss. Overly tight shoes or oddly shaped shoes such as high heals cripple your foot by forcing it to conform to an unnatural and potential harmful position. Stilettos aren’t much different from Japanese foot binding.

  • Over Exposure to Germs

    Chronic Shoe Wearing can lead to fungal growth and bacterial infections. Shoes super heat your feet causing them to sweat. Worst of all, the material that causes the excessive heat also retains it and the moisture it creates. This over exposure to wetness can lead to foot fungus and other foot problems.

  • Planetary Waste

    Shoes are wasteful. Most shoe manufactures use rubber and other petroleum based products to make shoes. Since shoes are not usually recycled and since they tend to wear out fast or are used as fashion statements, they are discarded into our dumps where they will take centuries to decompose.

You don’t have to be a crazy barefoot runner to save your feet from the trauma of shoes. Just let them out of the trap for a while. Take a barefoot walk around the block. Even just walking barefoot around your house can help. You might also repair or re-purpose your shoes when they show signs of wear rather than just tossing them in the trash.

Blown Away

(Photo Courtesy of M. Smith)
The wind told me not run outside in the snow. It said it would help the snow with frostbite. Sometimes the wind and snow collude. They’re like sheriff’s in the old west who come together, realize they have power and decide to rob a bank instead of protect it.

Also, the wind can kill the moisture of your skin, giving you a chapped ugly face. One time my face got so chapped that it swelled up. I had black, well red puffy eyes, that were almost swollen completely shut from the inflammation. I looked like a dirty marshmallow monster.

To make things worse, I had a job interview. I manned up and went to interview, swollen face and all. I was able to talk my way into getting the job, but my boss turned out to be crazier than me, which is quite a feat. She fired me, re-hired me, then I just quit because I wasn’t making any money with her.

Maybe the wind filled her head with empty air. The wind is like that, very fickle, very unpredictable, but you have to love her. She lifts tons of steel, full of human zoo animals, and jets them across continents. You must respect the wind. Sometimes, she respects you back, whispering her warnings, plots, or stock tips. Just listen.

Run hard, run long, run bare. Be safe people in Internet Land. Know that I love you.

Mean Streets

The road takes much abuse. Cars scar its tough skin. They scrape and mar it. This agitates the surface. No wonder some streets chew up your feet. Sometimes, you can talk to the road. You can tell it you mean it no harm. You might say, “Oh mighty road, thanks for transporting me from place to place. I do my best to keep you safe from my fenders and steel. Please do be too hard on my feet.” When I do this, the road responds. It will alert me of rough patches, steer me from rocks, nails, and glass. It may seem a little crazy, but sometimes crazy works.

First Barefoot Runner’s Life Video

I hope you enjoy my first video and like my feet. Unless, of course, you’re a foot fetish person in which case please don’t get off on my feet. That’s CREEPY.

Future videos will have more instructional content and fewer text effects.