How to Run Barefoot


So want to Jog or Run Barefoot

Here are three EASY STEPS to GET STARTED Running or Jogging Barefoot:

  1. Start by WALKING outside barefoot.

    Shoes have weakened your feet in several ways: the skin on the soles of your feet is thin from your shoe’s synthetic buffer, the muscles and tendons in your feet and ankles are soft and stiff from your shoe’s padding and arch support. It will take a few weeks to strengthen your feet enough for a short a jog. DON’T just go RUN OUTSIDE barefoot for Three Miles, especially if you run in shoes that offer arch support. You will most likely injure your feet, calves, Achilles, and can cause some serious damage, especially if you HEEL strike.

    Watch this video if you’ve never run barefoot before. It will get you running barefoot safely:

    How to Run Barefoot Video Link for Mobile Visitors.
    After you’ve gained some experience, watch the Stride Technique Videos for better Barefoot Running Form

  2. When you’re ready for your first jog, cut your regular running pace in half by doubling your steps.

    The barefoot stride is a lot shorter than the heel strike stride. It takes some getting used to, but it also is much more efficient. You will find that can go further with much greater enjoyment. STOP RUNNING IF YOU HAVE PAIN.

  3. Listen to your Feet and Body.

    One of the benefits of barefoot running is the feedback you get from your body. Your feet will tell you right away if your heel striking, they let you know if you’re going too far too fast too. Usually you’ll feel it in your Achilles and calf muscles. DON’T KEEP RUNNING WHILE YOU’RE INJURED. You can easily turn minor ache into a major injury. If you get injured, consult a physician for proper medical advice.

  4. Massage & Stretch

    In order to prevent Achilles and other lower leg issues. Massage after runs is highly recommended. Massage will not only release the lactic acid in your muscles, but it will also increase blood flow and aid your body in recovery and muscle building.

Not sure it’s worth the trouble? Trust me running barefoot worth the trouble. It will open a world of new experience. It also gives you runners high a lot faster.