3 Robot Myths about Barefooting

Most Robots wear shoes because all of the other Robots wear them. The only sports that turn them human again are swimming, skim boarding/surfing, beach volley ball, and the like. Unfortunately, most Robots suffer from conformity programming: “imitate other robots”.

Here are three run-time myths that loop through the Robot mind.

  1. Going Barefoot Makes your Feet Stink.

    On the contrary, it eliminates foot odor. Your feet smell because shoes provide a party town for bacteria–warm, dark moist area with plenty of dead skin cells to feast on.

  2. Going Barefoot Means your Poor.

    The stigma of poverty and barefootedness is alive in some countries. But in America, it’s pretty much dead. Most homeless people wear shoes. In fact, in America barefooted people tend be better educated, healthier, and therefore wealthier than the Robots who think they’re poor.

  3. Going Barefoot Weakens your Arch.

    LOL. Shoes weaken your arch by providing a support for it. Going barefoot will strengthen it and completely reshape your feet so they look sexy. So, sexy that creepy dudes will ask you to stomp on grapes, watermelons, or other helpless produce. Probably the only drawback to being a barefooted. But, your feet will plenty strong enough to kick their ass; so, it’s really a benefit.

2 Replies to “3 Robot Myths about Barefooting”

  1. I came across your barefoot running robot image while searching for “running robots” as I was looking for some inspiration for a podcast I’m starting called “Geeks in Sneaks”. I was wondering if you’d allow me to use this for my cover graphic in iTunes. It’s super cool and would fit the idea perfectly – geeks and nerds who exercise.

    I appreciate your consideration with the matter.

    Best Regards,
    Matt Lancaster

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