3 Ways Sandals Beat Vibrams

  1. Sandals let your feet breathe. Vibrams suffocate.

    Vibrams trap your foot inside fabric. Even though the fabric is lightweight and designed to let the air flow through it, it still overheats your foot and keeps moisture on it. Huaraches free your feet from the fabric prison, allowing them to breathe clean open air.

  2. Fewer blisters with Sandals

    Because Sandals have fewer points of contact with your skin, there is less potential for blisters. Vibrams fully encase your foot, the frequent contact with fabric and repetitive motion of running leads blisters all over your foot. I got one on the side of my foot, which got infected.

  3. Sandals cost less, can be repaired, and last longer

    Vibrams stink, they cannot be fixed if they rip. Sandals can be repaired easily. The materials also cost less and are much more earth friendly.

Barefoot Ted’s Luna’s Rule. I love them. The most comfortable “Shoe” I’ve ever worn. Make sure you get the “Leather Footbed”. You’ll be glad you did, less slippage, and very nice feel on your skin.

Invisible Shoes Seem pretty good too. I haven’t got a pair yet. But I did make my own sandals using similar materials and they worked great. These are much more cost effective alternative to Ted’s Sandals, which are pretty spendy.

Barefoot Running Tip:

Tie your sandals “Gladiator Style” or the “Traditional Tarahumara Way”. The slip on method of tying the sandals is great for walking around and short runs, but for running longer distances or for short sprints, it’s best to tie them up gladiator style. It makes a huge difference. The extra effort is worth it.

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