2 Tricks to Running with Soft Barefeet on Hard Concrete

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First of all, I want to stress that the easiest way to damage your lower leg and hurt yourself is to RUN BAREFOOT ON CONCRETE before you’re ready. Running on a hard surfaces SHOULD BE done CAREFULLY AND SLOWLY.

That said, a week or two ago, I posted something about over-pronation (see link at the bottom of this post). But I hadn’t yet had the time to make a iMovie about it. To solve that problem and to contribute to the world’s collection of iMovie transitions and annoying music, I had my lovely wife shoot footage of my sexy legs and dirty feet while I discussed over pronation. After adding a random picture of a trail, my masterpiece was compete. Here is my barefoot over-pronation eradication video. It features my devil tattoo and my lovely sparrow tattoo, which in this video looks like a butterfly. One day I film myself running without a shirt and will my feature my skull tattoo and “ice dice” tattoo and probably by then some other tattoos of spiritual significance. But for now, my video:

The solution to my lower leg problems came in two parts.

First I changed the direction of my feet as seen in the video; second, I corrected the “over stride”. I will have my lovely camera woman take some footage of me running gracefully soon enough. For now, I simply emphasize that is IMPORTANT NOT TO TAKE BIG STEPS. As I have mentioned, the trick to running barefoot on concrete is to ACTIVELY DECREASE impact. The head should be stable and NOT BOB UP AND DOWN.

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