5 Wildly Popular Posts

  1. Running Routes with Google Maps
    This is weird because RunKeepr is much easier to use than crappy Google Maps. I also wrote a post about how much I hate Google because they banned me from AdSense—similar to Twitter–no explanation, I tried to log-in only to find out that I had been banned.
  2.  5 Myth Barefoot Running Myths in Born to Run
    An odd post about some of the hype created by Born to Run. I loved the book, but I had some issues with some of its content. This post cuts through the hype and gives some solid advice about the real world barefoot running.
  3. Bellows Breath for Running & Health
    Probably the weakest title in the bunch. But this post has some excellent tricks for breath-work. This is just one of many advanced breathing techniques to boost energy and restore health. (Usually the full form Bellows Breath involves lifting the hands above the head and forcefully pulling them down–I have used that technique, but I find that it can strain the arms and lungs if done with too much vigor; so, I removed it from the instructions. The bellows breath or “breath of fire” does NOT require the hand the movements. The rapid flow of air in and out through the nostrils is the magic of this breathing technique.)
  4.  Top 3 Barefoot Running Injures and How to Treat Them
    I think everyone who found this post wished they had read Myths in Born to Run sooner. I suffered from all of these injuries when I started out. Most of them resulted from bad running form and doing too much too soon.
  5. Fast Food One Liners
    Another surprise. I think I cornered the market on barefoot comedy, which isn’t saying much, but I’ll take it.
Bonus: This animation is insanley popular–it’s me playing with Photoshop‘s puppet and content aware fill tool–yes I got lazy with fill. I must have also cornered the market on reptilian humanoid Star Trek stuff as well. Thanks Gorn.
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