99 reasons to run?

When I see the number 99,  I see two runners, one in the lead, the other chasing closely behind. I also think of balloons.

9 chasing 9
99 looks like 9 chasing 9

Then I hear that silly 80s song, 99 Luftballons. They are cheap, 99 cent store/DollarTree balloons. When I see them drifting up into the deep blue sky, I wonder how I’ll be feeling when I’m running the 99th mile of the Cascade Crest 100. Will I hear that stupid song? Will I hallucinate the red balloons? Or will I merely realize that the word “bed”, looks like a bed, with the b and d as headboards.


Why am I so concerned with the number 99? It’s not because Zues had 9 daughters or because Christ “gave up the ghost” in the ninth hour. Quite simply it’s because there are 99 days left in this year. For some odd reason 99 demands a list. So, here’s my list entitled, “99 reasons to run”:

  1. It’s fun
  2. It’s good for your soul
  3. It’s good for your feet
  4. It’s good for back
  5. It’s good for your knees
  6. It’s good for your toes
  7. It’s good for your blood
  8. It’s good for your mind
  9. It’s sort of good for your skin as long as you wear sunscreen sometimes or have dark skin like me
  10. It’s good for lungs
  11. It’s good for your heart
  12. It’s  good for forcing you to write a list entitled “99 reasons to run”
  13. It’s good for giving you a way to cheat on a list of “99 reasons to run” by allowing you to use the list in place of commas–see items 2-11
  14. It’s good for meeting people who can tell the secret of peeing while running an ultra marathon (This is no joke, I met a guy at the boring Ultra who told me his secret for pissing while running. He was awesome and full of useful information.)
  15. It’s good for proving to yourself that you’re stronger than you think
  16. It’s good for teaching you how to deal with defeat
  17. It’s good for goal setting
  18. It’s good for helping you mourn your grandpa’s death
  19. It’s good for getting home from work
  20. It’s for finding 16 dollars on the Tickle Creek Trail
  21. It’s good for your sex drive
  22. It’s good for relieving stress
  23.  It’s good for a quick blog post when you need to write one a day for the last 100 days of 2015
  24. It’s good for HostGator and other companies who enable runners to create blogs that they sporadically maintain
  25. It’s good for getting you off the warm cosy couch and into the icy cold rain
  26. It’s good for raising money to find cures and treatments for cancer 
  27. It’s good for Oregon brewers like Rogue Nation who make delicious beers for runners
  28. It’s good for sporting goods stores like REI
  29. It’s good for barefoot sandal makers like Barefoot Ted and Xero Shoes
  30. It’s good for physical therapist who treat overly ambitious barefoot runners
  31. It’s good for massage therapist who painfully untangle the knots in your left calf
  32. It’s good for trophy companies
  33. It’s good for the number 99, and for the number 33 because although my list is entitled “99 reasons to run” it only contains 33 items

Something else I like about the number 99 is that you can use in it place of “Goodbye.” 99!

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