Autumnal Equinox

Today is the fall equinox, which means everyone’s shadow runs true. It also means that the New Year is only 100 days away. I pledge, for no particularĀ reason, to blog once a day for the 100 days. Some of my posts will be about running others, like this one may not. They may be short or they may be long like the Post Canyon 50kĀ (really 52k), but they will be done.

By the way, this summer I ran two 50ks. The first was a disaster, but at least I finished it.
The second was merely a tragedy, and, thankfully, faster than the first. The lessons I learned from both sandal powered runs shall follow. I have also decided to increase my weekly mileage from 30mpw to 40mpw, which means once a week I will run 12 miles from Portland State University through the busy downtown streets to Gresham City Hall. It takes me an hour and a half to get to my car via Trimet. I don’t think running will add much time. Who knows? After a few weeks, I might be able to beat Trimet.

Run long, run far, run bare. This crazy son of a bitch is back. And his shadow always runs true, even in the cool, cool light of the moon.

Closed trail in Wildwood Park in Welches Oregon
Closed trail in Wildwood Park in Welches Oregon


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