Get Slim & Flat: Dose Yourself with Pig Fat

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I don’t believe in strict diets, not only because they don’t work, but also because they are unhealthy.

Hunger, craving, and appetite are muddy areas.  Most people eat to satisfy their psyche rather than their body; there’s also that biological aspect: sweets and fat are rare in nature; so, we’re hard-wired to go after them. It’s tricky business. I’ll spare you the rant about striving for the “ideal weight” and just say that I think watching your weight is stupid. The goal should should be healthy and active, not meet some obsolete BMI rating.

Even so, some of us do have craving for food that aren’t healthy or have an unhealthy urge to eat way too much. I accidentally discovered an easy trick to putting those cravings and overeating to an immediate end.

How did I discover this magic bullet?

A tattooed pig gave it to me. For those of you who don’t know, I am a licensed tattoo artist. Whenever I try out a new needle configurations or re-configure my machines (I’m on a short stroke shader kick), I use Fat Back Pig Skin for practice. It’s less expensive than the tattoo practice skin on the market and much more like human skin. It has tough spots, you have to stretch it, heck you even have to shave it, etc.

The fat under the pig skin smells after about an hour. It’s a VERY particular odor that has a very specific effect. It completely takes away your appetite. It’s literally a “disgusting” smell. And it sticks to your clothes.

It doesn’t stink like roadkill or rotting flesh. It’s more of a sweaty animal barnyard scent.  I have seen aroma therapy diets that include scents that are supposed to make a person feel satiated, but none that take away the urge to eat. The smell of Pig-Fat on fat-back does just that.

To get the pig-fat to smell just do this. De-thaw it in hot TAP-water. Expose it to the sun or heat for a few minutes.

At .89¢ a lb, it might be good way to stop yourself from eating all the HaagenDaz. Or could just NOT buy Haagen-Daz.

I am NOT a nutritionist, psychologist, or health expert. I’m just a guy who runs on concrete with barefeet, who tattoos old skool wolves on dead pigs, and who writes about hair-brained pig-fat diets on his a blog from time to time.


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