Happy Anniversary My Love


Love … is the bridge between the mundane and the transcendental, the wellspring from whence all meaningful human values derive.

–Some Online Encyclopedia I got from LIINC.

Love is neither a strong bridge nor a freshwater spring. Love is joyfully listening to a quartet play the theme song to Super Mario when you graduate from UCSC, it’s skipping out early from a library conference to visit Andrew Jackson’s house and listening intently as the lovely guide says,  “I do declare this to be the finest…” and rolling your eyes when she says that slavery wasn’t all that bad because some slaves lived with their masters after they had been freed; it’s floating on a dock in the summer evening heat and finding the north star at Skookum Lake; it’s laughing hysterically at the botched Jesus restoration and wanting to visit Spain just to see it in person; it’s losing your fear of heights for a brief moment when you kiss on the edge of the Eiffel Tower; it’s the way we fit perfectly together.

Happy Anniversary Monica.

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