Rainbow Sparkles

White unicorn on red
White unicorn on red (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I once wrote about a unicorn named Rainbow Sparkles, her original name was Starflower Darling Head. She was lovely creature full of joy and extra horn. This morning I thought of her while I released the morning waters. Behind me the sun was rising and the door was open. My shadow partially covered the clear stream, but some of my whiz caught the caught the morning sunlight. The sun’s magical rays transformed my piss into beautiful luminescentĀ sparks. They flickered before exploding into the the firework grand finale that was my toilet bowl. I was transfixed, I didn’t want to stop peeing.

I don’t usually discuss bodily functions with the Internet, but today I made an exception. As the years roll onward, I care less and less about what other people think. Decency loses its luster–apparently the mighty sun uses the luster to ignite my urine forcing me to question myself and to bother uptight strangers on the Internet.

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