Training for 50K Trail Ultra Marathon

Upper Salmon River Welches Oregon
Upper Salmon River Welches Oregon

I committed to running the Post Canyon 50K ultra this year, which means a new twist for my training. My long runs are no longer followed by a day of rest, the way they were for last year’s marathon.  Now each long run is followed by another long “recovery” run  of 8 to 10 miles. This schedule terrified me because I enjoyed  sleeping in the day after a grueling, sweaty fifteen or twenty two run. Now I have to get up and run another ten miles. I was surprised to  discover that slipping into my loose pair of running  shorts and rangy light weight breathable fabric short sleeve shirt for a second run has not been as toilsome as I assumed. I’m usually not even sore the day after. Have I become superhuman in just one year? Unlikely.

Training for a 50k on steep, rocky trails has shifted my views on barefoot running. I’ll share my insights in my next post.





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