Twitter Blacklist: Will Your Site be Next?

Twitter blacklisted Barefoot Runner’s Life!!!!!!!

All existing Twitter links to this blog, many of which show up for searches, bring this warning page:

Twitter inexplicably bans barefoot runner's blog

If you click on the “Tweet” button above or try to TWEET a link to Barefoot Runner’ Life , you’ll see the error message:

Twitter CEonsorship. Blacklisted Blog
Unjust Twitter blacklist blog

I contacted Twitter support asking them to remove my site from the blacklist. They took off the list for a matter of minutes, but then placed it back. Twitter has NOT provided a reason for banning and maligning my Blog.

Here is the e-mail I sent:

False Positive for Blacklist

Someone blacklisted┬ámy site on Twitter. I am NOT a spammer or malicious hacker and my site does NOT and has NOT had any malware installed on it ( ). I’m just a blogger who runs barefoot. I would like to know why my site has been blacklisted. If I’m violating any of your guidelines, please let me know. I will correct whatever issue you have.

I urge Twitter users to contact Twitter support and request that this site be removed from the Blacklist.

Twitter censors blogs

Twitter you may censor my blog, but you will never censor my SOLE!!!! :0)

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4 Replies to “Twitter Blacklist: Will Your Site be Next?”

  1. How sad. I recently mounted a WordPress blog using a free web hosting ( Aparently the majority of the domains owned by free hosting providers had been blackisted by Twitter and Facebook. It’s true, 5% of the users of those hosting services are hackers, but what about the 95% of simple newbies remaining?

    1. Thanks. I contacted Twitter and they did remove me from the blacklist. It was a major pain and they NEVER explained why they put me on the list. I was able to overcome the nasty message by using a URL shortener.

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