Blown Away

(Photo Courtesy of M. Smith)
The wind told me not run outside in the snow. It said it would help the snow with frostbite. Sometimes the wind and snow collude. They’re like sheriff’s in the old west who come together, realize they have power and decide to rob a bank instead of protect it.

Also, the wind can kill the moisture of your skin, giving you a chapped ugly face. One time my face got so chapped that it swelled up. I had black, well red puffy eyes, that were almost swollen completely shut from the inflammation. I looked like a dirty marshmallow monster.

To make things worse, I had a job interview. I manned up and went to interview, swollen face and all. I was able to talk my way into getting the job, but my boss turned out to be crazier than me, which is quite a feat. She fired me, re-hired me, then I just quit because I wasn’t making any money with her.

Maybe the wind filled her head with empty air. The wind is like that, very fickle, very unpredictable, but you have to love her. She lifts tons of steel, full of human zoo animals, and jets them across continents. You must respect the wind. Sometimes, she respects you back, whispering her warnings, plots, or stock tips. Just listen.

Run hard, run long, run bare. Be safe people in Internet Land. Know that I love you.