Snow & Icy Wind Too Cold to Go Bare Not Too Cold to Drive Wife Crazy

We got icy snow and some chilly wind. Much too cold to run barefoot outside. I decided to drive my wife nuts by complaining about how uncomfortable my shoes are.

That got old fast because I LOVE my wife, even though she wears shoes. So, I discovered a more productive way to pass the time indoors. I wrote a bunch of barefoot Conan O Brien Biographies and then I ran barefoot on my treadmill:

#COBio I had a fan rewrite my Twitter bio. Wanna hear something else scary? This isn’t my beard.

#COBio Yes, I’m the guy who got Martha Stewart to bring him Taco Bell & an Olde English 40oz.

#COBio I had a fan write my Twitter Bio. Now you know how I got through Harvard.

#COBio I had a fan rewrite my Twitter bio. If I could only get him to clean my gutters…

#COBio I went to Harvard and I host a late night show. One is meaningless jokes where nothing is achieved, the other airs 11/10c on TBS.

#COBio I think my photographer needs a hearing aid. I told him I wanted the photo to show me with a “chip” on my shoulder.

#COBio As you can tell from bio pic, Jay and I became friends.