Barefoot, Captain Kirk Style Teleportation

Space Age Barefoot Technology

I am not a mega huge Science Fiction Fan or reptilian humanoid, but I appreciate, Star Trek style, “beam-me-up” technology when I see it. Case in point, GPS. Although there’s something inherently spooky about having the eye of a satellite on you at all times, it’s handy–literally.

I bought a wrist GPS from Amazon to help me easily track my “stone-age human teleporation” mileage. The GPS works great, but it’s klunky as heck to use. I have to know how fast I want to run and how far I want to go. It doesn’t easily allow me to just take my naked ass feet to the streets and track my barefoot mileage as I run, which is kinda why I bought the thing.

Another runner told me about his Garmin Forerunner 405. His has a heart rate monitor (which I would never use, I hate tracking that kind of crap). The feature he likes most is the ANT+Sport wireless technology. Like a Star Trek teleportation, it automatically transfers data from the wrist GPS to his computer. Completely wireless: no cables, no hookups. He also reverses it, sending workouts from his computer to his Forerunner. He’s into speed and distance training. We hardly ever run together. I freaking hate competitive running; I’m much more for a Zen/Chi runner. I run for the fun of it, not to pit my stone-age human teleporation skills against someone else.

Whether you’re a soul runner like me or competitive freak like my friend, the Garmin Forerunner GPS is hard to beat. Best of all NO SHOES REQUIRED.

Yes, that WAS A SHAMELESS AFFILIATE PLUG, you’re welcome.

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