Top 10 Barefoot Running Resources

  1. Daily Mile

    Track Mileage, Compete with Friends, Find Routes

  2. Barefoot Legend “Barefoot Ken Bob’s” Epic site

    Barefoot Running Resources. His book is the THE BEST BAREFOOT RUNNING BOOK ON THE MARKET.

  3. Classy Harvard Professors Who Run Unshod

    Bio-mechanics of Barefoot Running. Also has Barefoot Running Tutorials

  4. Walk Jog Run

    Track Mileage, Find Routes

  5. Runner’s World Barefoot Runner’s Community

    Connect with other Barefoot Runners. Great place to ask questions.

  6. Barefoot Gymnastic Games

    Things you didn’t know you could do with your Feet like “Foot Art”.

  7. Barefoot Living

    Barefoot Lifestyle & Radio

  8. Barefoot Allliance

    Barefoot Lifestyle with a Touch Cultishness, but really very opened minded

  9. Barefoot Shoe Reviews

    Reviews for Barefoot Running Shoes.

  10. Born to Run Store

    Born to Run Marketized: clinics, shoes, etc.

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