Essential Holiday Gifts & Stocking Stuffers Every Runner Will Love

Sometimes it’s difficult to chose the right gift for the barefoot adventurer in your life. There’s a trick to buying presents that make your mom and dad smile, letting them know that you love and care for them. And then there are the essentials: the best outdoor gear that your athletic barefoot endurance brothers and sisters  just can’t go without. Here are a few choice Amazon items for the active person in your life, perfect for last-minute gifts.

Waist pack belt for SmartPhones with Waterproof, Sweat Proof Lightweight Case

Waterproof SmartPhone Case for Endurance Athletes
Waterproof Smart Phone Case for Endurance Athletes

On my long run days, when I’m miles and miles from home on slender country roads slick with icy rainwater, I always feel better knowing that I have access to my phone.

Sturdy PolyCarbonate Multi-tool Phone Case for SmartPhones

Multi Tool Case for iPhone 6/6s
Turn your smart phone into a Swiss Army Knife.

Sometimes my sandal-lace snaps, ripping the toe-strap from the sole of the shoe whenever I  kick a rock or trip over an unseen root on the trail. When I finally stop shouting curses to the empty sky, I usually have to break out my car keys to reinsert the strap into the sandal before I seal it back in place with duct tape–yes I always run with duct tape in my camel back. Car keys work, but it’s always nice to have some tools on hand when you’re all alone in deep dark forest. This tough case, made of sturdy poly-carbonate, upgrades your smartphone into a Swiss Army knife. The tools are securely ” hidden” in the case, but easily removed, and the blades are TSA compliant!

Body Glide Anti-Chafe Balm

Body Glide Ultra Running Anti Chaffe lotion
Body Glide Ultra Running Anti Chafe balm

This stuff is magic. Prevents and treats chaffing, especially on the most sensitive part of your chest: the nipple. Easier to apply than olive oil or petroleum jelly. Don’t toss the container in the bin because you can use it to hold home-made, all natural deodorant– a recipe I will cover in an upcoming post.

 Medal & Buckle Hangers for Endurance Athletes

Medal Hanger for Endurance Athletes
Medal Hanger for Endurance Athletes

This is a great gift because it highlights the achievements of the past while inspiring your runner for the goals of the future. Without my medal hanger, I don’t think I’d be running the Hagg Lake Mud 50k this February. Whenever I don’t feel like getting out of my warm cozy bed and onto the wet, icy wind, I look at my medal hanger, then put on my huaraches and hit the streets.

Reflextive Vest

Reflective Vest for RUnners
Reflective Vest for Runners

Don’t let your best friend become another Elizabeth Jaeger, the woman who was given a citation after a car slammed into her hip  during her morning run. Give them the gift if safety. Be safe. Be Seen!

Sweatproof bluetooth headphones

Bluetooth Headphones for Barefoot Runners
Bluetooth Headphones for Barefoot Runners

A study at Brunel Unversity’s School of Sports Education reveals that listening to music while running boosts endurance by 15%!!!


Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray for Barefoot Runners
Pepper Spray for Barefoot Runners

Not a every pit-bull is puppy at heart. Some beasts are just downright ferocious. Dogs are pack animals by nature, programmed to chase anything that runs. Most of the time they just yap at your heels, but every once in a while they bite. Pepper spray is humane way to protect yourself without causing lasting damage to the mutt.



5 Easy Ways to Boost Health & Fitness

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5 Easy Jackpots to Health & Fitness
What has your cellphone done for your health lately? Probably nothing. Aside from Porn, what has your computer done to raise your heart rate? Same answer.

Technology doesn’t have to be an excuse to sit on your ass. Instead, it can be a goldmine of health of fitness. Herein are five killer resources for runners, athletes, and any one who wants to live healthy and stay fit.

Spark People (Website)

Open Source Weight Watchers. No fees, no pressure, just a fun way to lose weight and feel great.

Recipe Calorie Calculator (Website)

A useful Spark People Resource. This easy to use tool extracts the calories and nutritional value from your ingredients. It’s perfect for finding out how much nutritional value is in the foods you prepare for yourself. Find out exactly how many calories are in your Chia Isake.

Cronometer (Website)

This free social health site lets you track your caloric intake and excercise. It’s a great way to see what you’re really eating–it’s a turbo charged food diary. You can join it through Facebook.

Insight Timer (SmartPhone App)

We use this app at Sandy Sangha Set specific meditation intervals.

RunKeeper (SmartPhone App)

The best running app and social running site. Run Keeper is excellent because YOU CAN REMAIN ANONYMOUS and still enjoy the basic Run Keeper APP. It’s  FREE. It’s more stalker proof than Daily Mile because it has privacy setting that actually work. Daily Mile will trick you into thinking that your routes are hidden when they are really public. Run Keeper protects your privacy.

Do you have any “Secret Apps” or Websites that would like to share?
Post a comment.
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Why I Broke Twitter’s Stupid Rules

I originally entitled this post: Why I broke the Rules with Gravity’s Jack Hammer, but decided it was too cryptic. Then the phrase Gravity’s Jackhammer slammed it’s way into my cranium. It became a kind of challenge for me to work in the phrase, “Gravity’s Jackhammer” into this post three more times. Gravity’s Jackhammer just sounds like the title of bad science fiction novel. One in which character A says to character B, “Stop Character B, you can’t. You can’t do it. You can’t beat Gravity’s Jackhammer!” And character B says, “Then I’ll just have to beat, GRAVITY!!!!!” And then there are some spectacular explosions, time warps, steam/cyber punks, and other stuff that happens in science fiction novels.

And since I don’t have a nice transition to my actual post topic, I was drowning in Twitter‘s deadly Shark Tank of censorship. My links to posts in Tweets had been broken and then dragged through prison sewers like Andy Dufresne in the excellent film The Shawshank Redemption. Though I was never accused of wrong-doing like Josef K. in Kafka‘s the Trail, my blog was suddenly banned from Twitter. With one swift stroke, Twitter had silenced the gush of my yatchety chatter and compelled me to over use similes like a bad writer who who thinks similes are simply metaphors who like to strip an lick brass poles like Nomi in the epic film Showgirls.

I almost gave up. But then, I got an idea. And I felt the way I felt when I finally kicked off my shoes along with the old quagswagging stride–the one my joints called Gravity’s Jackhammer.

In an instant, I discovered that Twitter’s blacklist is really stupid. And not just birds lifting whales stupid. Really stupid. How stupid? It’s so stupid it went to dentist for BlueTooth. I mean it’s so stupid, it tripped over wireless. I overcame its stupidity with a URL shortener:

And so my blog hopped on the bus to the Internet’s version of Zihuatanejo. Once again, you can happily tweet my posts.

The Shawshank Redemption
The Shawshank Redemption (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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