Bare-footing in Cold Weather Rules!

I just got back from a barefoot walk jog. I was sick of the rat-race treadmill.

Walking straight barefoot on snow and ice makes my feet laugh. It is NOT that painful when done in short spurts. I love sliding along the frosty, wet surface. It reminds of running through puddles at Willow Park when I was a kid. Why in the HELL did I ever stop? It thrilled me then as much as thrills me today.

Walking around the neighborhood without shoes in this frigid winter is a revelation. I feel twenty years younger. It’s hilarious to see the other adults scowl at me. I can hear their thoughts, “Grown man should know better than expose himself to the chill like that. Why he’ll catch a cold.” They usually just say, “Put some shoes on!”, I tell them shoes are for weak feet. I think that such people secretly they wish they had the infinitesimal amount of courage it takes to do it themselves. I seriously wonder how many people live an die without walking barefoot in the snow? It’s tragic.

One drawback, the roads are full of the pyramid of pain pebbles. These things are 3-d arrow heads that spike into your foot. Anyway you flip them, leaves a sharp point waiting to bite into your luscious feet. I wonder if the road feeds on bare-footers every now and then. Luckily, I spotted most of them. Plus, my feet are getting tougher. It’s pretty cool, I can walk firmly on rough sidewalks that used to give me grief. I’m super stoked. Barefooting RULES.