Boring Marathon Training Day 13

I bought a blueberry pie at the Sandy Mountain Festival. There’s a story about the pies. But I’ll tell it another time.

Today was a day of rest. I did Pilates, ate some pie, went to work, and thought about the earth. I’ll post about that some other time as well.

Tomorrow is a run day.

Fruitarian 7 Day Challenge: Day 3

GOD I WISH YOUTUBE WOULD ALLOW ME TO CREATE MY OWN THUMBNAILS. THEY ALWAYS CHOOSE WEIRD FRAMES. At any rate, Fruitarians do experience elevated moods. Oh, yes speaking of bananas:
Here are 3 fascinating banana tricks

  1. Rub Inside Banana peel on teeth to whiten them. Results in a few days.
  2. Use the inside of the peel as a salve for insect stings.
  3. Place banana peel on floor to get rid of clowns.
Is Nature’s Yellow wrapper too difficult to open?

Hypermnesia is a heighten exact or vivid MEMORY. I totally misused that term!!!!! OOPS.

I said there were two drawbacks, but mentioned three. The last one wasn’t really a drawback, it was not eating enough bananas. But I still called it “the second one.”


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Want to Discover 5 Killer Secrets that Spark the Urge to Run?

I never regret running around, I always regret sitting around.
Motivation is as simple as saying "Yes!"

You’re tired, it’s hot, and you just don’t feel like going for a 10 mile run. It happens to every runner at some point.

Luckily a friend of mine stumbled upon some tricks to jump starting motivation. I have used these tools to achieve one of my running  goals: a weekly 10 mile run! That’s double of what I usually run. How did I go from dreading 10 milers to loving them?

  1. Pre-run snack.
    Jack told me that he discovered that the lack of energy was a major factor in discouraging him from endurance training. He told me to nibble on a Tarahuarma Corn Cakes just before going out. The extra energy pop ignites the urge to hit the streets.
  2. Pre-run drink.
    Jack also gave me his secret recipe for his 100% all natural energy electrolyte  concoction. It’s a mixture of Coconut Water, Lemon Juice, and Stevia. It tastes like what I imagine a kick-flip with the shoes flying off into the airs above a skatepark in Portugal would feel like if it were a flavor for the tongue. The drink rapidly hydrates, and it turbo charges the cells with electrolytes. I drink the energy juice before, during, and AFTER my long runs (anything over 5 miles in the heat is a “long run”).
    I have noticed that charging up before a run makes a world of difference. I enjoy my runs much more when I start off well nourished and hydrated.
  3. Handheld Cheerleader
    Since I only run for pleasure, not competition I switch to DISTANCE Mode on RunKeepr (Runkeepr is the smartphone app I use to track my mileage).  I set RunKeepr to update every .5 mile. Her sexy vocal updates keep me focused.
  4. Pre-Run Music
    Jack doesn’t listen to music when he runs because it takes away from the experience. He does, however, rev himself by cranking some tunes up before he runs.
    Here is my personal list of audio adreline:
    Circle Jerks Wild in the Streets
    (Good Song to have running through your head. I will make you wanna run wild.)
    Suicidal Tendencies Institutionalized
    (It’s NOT about running, but it makes me laugh and gets me revved up.)

     Agnostic Front Gotta Go
    (Has a great cadence that makes me want to pound the concrete.)

    Coffee Project I Will Run
    (A slower song, but the “I will run” lyrics loop nicely.)

    Hansen MMM BOP
    (This song is an empty calorie ChocoTaco for the ear drums. But it lifts my mood.)
  5. Sleazy Car Sales Tricks
    My best friend was also a successful used car salesman. He gave me the Holy Grail of sales tricks.  At first blush, sales seems far away from running motivation; it’s not. Sales is about overcoming customer’s tendency towards procrastination.  The trick my friend would use to get his customers past procrastination was to get them to agree with him on a small matter. For example, if the customer expressed interest in saving money at the pump. My friend would say something like, “With gas pricing climbing this summer, you’re only going to love saving more and more money with each fill-up. Saving money at the pump makes sense, doesn’t it?” The customer would agree.
    I wasn’t sure what that trick had to do with motivation for running. My friend told me that the magic is in breaking up the big scary process of buying a car into smaller chunks, gaining small agreements all of which build comfort and lead to the closing of the sale. He suggested selling myself on running too. He urged me to break-up the running ritual into easy steps, and then to sell myself on the steps. For example, he said selling myself on putting on my running clothes, then selling myself on warming up, and so on. Once the clothes are on, I’m running. It’s weird how small steps always lead to something greater.

Do you have any motivational tricks?

Post in the comments section below.

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5 Easy Chia Recipes for Stamina & Vigor

Image by graibeard via Flickr



    (Less water, makes a thicker “gel”. You can also replace the water with apple juice, orange juice, or other sweet juices for a flavorful treat.)
    Mix the chia seeds and water with a spoon or electric mixer.
    Wait about 15 minutes , then give the mixture another stir.
    Uses for the SIMPLE CHIA GEL:
    The Gel can be eaten raw; it has NO flavor whatsoever.
    It can be used as a thickener in raw soups, fruit smoothies and fresh jams.

  2. The rind of a lemon is exceptionally bitter, w...
    Image via Wikipedia

    EASY Ancient CHIA ISKIATE (Traditional Chia Energy Drink)

    Stir the chia seeds into the water; let them sit for about five minutes.  Stir again to bring out more gel.  The longer, it sits, the more the seeds release the gel.  Add the lime or lemon juice. Then pour in the agave nectar to taste.
    (Did you know that Agave is also used to make Tequila?!)
    Drink before a run or before mutually consensual activities that require high levels of friskiness.

  3. Chiller Chia

    Mix the gel, fruit juice and pulp together and place in freezer for 1 hour and serve.

  4. Chia Lemonade

    • 1 Tablespoon chia seeds
    • 1 cup natural apple juice
    • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
    • Some Ice (4 to 5 ice cubes)

    Combine chia seeds and apple juice and let soak 30 minutes until it thickens. Add the lemon and ice.
    To turn it into a refreshing slushy, blend everything together in a Good Blender(Buy a Good Blender at Amazon)

  5. Chia-colate Nut Energy Bars

    • 1 1/2 cups pitted dates. (Make sure there are no seeds. Date seeds kill weak blenders and make terrifying sounds in good ones.)
    • 1/3 cup raw cocoa powder
    • 1/3 cup whole chia seeds
    • 3/4 tsp vanilla extract (optional)
    • 1 cup raw walnut pieces or your favorite nuts. Almonds are a nice substitute.

    Place dates in bowl of food processor; puree until thick paste forms.
    Add cocoa powder, chia seeds, vanilla. blend until everything is well mixed.
    Add nuts, blend until nuts are finely chopped and well distributed through the mixture.
    Transfer date mixture to wax paper, and press / roll mixture into 1/2 inch thick rectangle. Wrap tightly with the waxed paper, and then with foil. Refrigerate overnight for solid bars or eat warm. Make sure you store them in the fridge, they’ll spoil of they’re left out too long.

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