Are You Peeling Away Your Health?

Come here. I’ve got something for you.

Come here, I got something for you. (Annoying Gif I made with a FREE Gif app and Amazon Prime. Clip is from the hit movie: The Firm.)

Have you ever gotten citric acid on a cut near your fingernail?

It’s a ferocious drop of agony, isn’t it? There are worst agonies to be endured from citrus abuse. (See: Amazing Orange Facts Below.)

Most orange peelers use a knife to cut towards the thumb, like a stupid mafia boss in a bad gangster movie. The result? A sliced thumb and a long strip or two of orange-peel. Worst of all the orange meat is covered with thick white coat of rind, which steals flavor from the juicy meat.

Add this method to your arsenal of orange peeling knowledge.

How to Peel and Orange efficiently.

I love the simplicity of this peel. It makes even easier to toss orange segments into smoothies; thereby, increasing recovery time from REPEATING GIF ANIMATION INDUCED SEIZURES.

Amazing Orange Facts

  • Pectin,a key component of orange fiber, protects the mucous membrane of the colon by reducing exposure to toxic substances; it also binds to and evacuates cancer-causing chemicals in the colon.
    eating oranges also reduces bad blood cholesterol levels.
  • The spray of orange zest from the orange peel is highly flammable. Ernest Hemingway
    used to entertain himself with citrus peel fireworks as he chomped on roasted chestnuts in front of a warm Parisian fire.
  • Oranges are full of phyto-nutrients such as caringenin, a powerful antioxidant, free radical assasin, anti-inflammatory agent, and immune system booster.
  • Spanariads used oranges to punish criminals and the like. The term, anaranjear, means, literally, to “orangicate” – to pelt something with oranges. Oranges are heavy and soft. Ouch! WTF? Spaniards like to throw fruit, first oranges and to this day tomatoes.

May you be happy. May you be healthy. May you escape being pelted with oranges and just enjoy their delicious flavor instead and also live with ease.

The Shocking Truth about Diets: How to Eat & Live Healthy

Have you ever wondered why the very moment you start a diet, your cravings for junk food instantly explode? Why eating becomes a chore to endured? Why caloric restrictions only make you want to overeat?

This post explains why. Discover some easy tricks to eating and living healthy.

You don’t have to count calories or starve to be fit and healthy. It’s possible to eat as much as you want, feel satisfied, and improve your energy, health, and fitness. Stop DIEting, start LIVING.

Fruitarian 7 Day Challenge: Day 3

GOD I WISH YOUTUBE WOULD ALLOW ME TO CREATE MY OWN THUMBNAILS. THEY ALWAYS CHOOSE WEIRD FRAMES. At any rate, Fruitarians do experience elevated moods. Oh, yes speaking of bananas:
Here are 3 fascinating banana tricks

  1. Rub Inside Banana peel on teeth to whiten them. Results in a few days.
  2. Use the inside of the peel as a salve for insect stings.
  3. Place banana peel on floor to get rid of clowns.
Is Nature’s Yellow wrapper too difficult to open?

Hypermnesia is a heighten exact or vivid MEMORY. I totally misused that term!!!!! OOPS.

I said there were two drawbacks, but mentioned three. The last one wasn’t really a drawback, it was not eating enough bananas. But I still called it “the second one.”


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Top 3 Healthy, Vegan Junk Foods Thanksgiving Edition

  1. Finley Crafted Beer.
    Nectar of the Gods
    Beer. The savior of humanity.

    It’s Vegan. It’s full of empty calories, alcohol & B12, which means it’s somewhat healthy. This post was written on finely crafted beer.

  2. Vegan Twinkies / Vegan cornbread (Much easier, just as tasty and MUCH EASIER TO MAKE.)
    Vegan Twinkies in all their barefoot glory. RIP Hostess.
    Almost as annoying to make as they sound. But they taste slightly less bland than you think.

    Yes, they are nearly impossible to make, but the effort is rewarded with the taste of mediocrity. Just buy a $10 damn E-bay Twinkie already!

    Vegan cornbread is very easy to make. You can substitute applesauce for oil to make them fat free. I love cornbread. This recipe is super easy.  Add more sugar/agave/stevia for a sweeter bread. 

  3. Banana Blueberry Bars
    Banana Blueberry Bars for the family hippie
    Delicious Banana Blueberry Bars

    Fairly tasty, failry ugly, fairly healthy. Make ’em, eat ’em, run, run, run.


    Want to Find Other Great Thanksgiving Vegan Recipes?

    Engine2 Comfort Foods on Pinterest

    Want to find out what you shouldn’t eat on Thanksgiving?

    Check out my Awesome Thanksgiving Disaster Post

Is there Poison in your Gut?

SAN RAFAEL, CA - MARCH 18:  Containers of Yopl...
Yoplait packs a deadly ingredient.

Are you eating the one deadly ingredient in most foods? If Yoplait Yogurt or PowerBar Energy Gel has passed your lipsyour intestines could be infested with the potent venom. Worst of all,  the sticky toxin is the number #1 ingredient in American convenience foods.

Imagine two rats. One black, the other white. The black rat, eats the mystery sweetener. The white one puts its crooked teeth to regular table sugar. After about a week, both rats have consumed the same number of calories. But the black rat is deformed; it’s belly is distended with abnormal body fat. The tiny beast can hardly move. Blood tests reveal an alarming spike in its triglycerides. Further investigation proves that the sweetener that the black rat ate was directly metabolized to produce fat.

What is name of the mystery poison that the black rat consumed?

High Fructose Corn Syrup. Yes, when high fructose corn syrup slithers into your body, it immediately turns into belly fat, bloats your unhealthy triglycerides, and robs your body of vital energy.

The easiest way to eliminate intake of high fructose corn syrup is to eat whole foods. Do not eat convenience foods. For runners, energy gels and drinks are super easy to make yourself. Not only are they more cost effective, they’re much healthier.

Blogger’s Cut my Delete Scenes:
Scene 1
Sugars in Disguise:
Any ingredient that ends with “ose” is a sugar: maltlose, sucrose, dextrose, fructose etc. are all sugars. While these sugars aren’t as damaging as high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), they don’t promote health. The FDA put its foot down for the identification of High Frucotose Corn Syrup on food labels. Companies cannot hide high fructose corn syrup as easily as they can hide sugar. One slick food empire executive really slid sugar under the table with the phrase “evaporated cane juice.” It almost makes sugar sound healthy.
(I  “deleted” this scene because it was a little off topic.)

Scene 2
Corny sugars in disguise:

Gatorade switched the branding around 2011. The drink is sweetened with a sucrose-dextrose mix. But it’s still sweetened with a corn based sugar.


Spread the word about dangers of high fructose corn syrup.

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