The Shocking Truth about Diets: How to Eat & Live Healthy

Have you ever wondered why the very moment you start a diet, your cravings for junk food instantly explode? Why eating becomes a chore to endured? Why caloric restrictions only make you want to overeat?

This post explains why. Discover some easy tricks to eating and living healthy.

You don’t have to count calories or starve to be fit and healthy. It’s possible to eat as much as you want, feel satisfied, and improve your energy, health, and fitness. Stop DIEting, start LIVING.

Fruitarian 7 Day Challenge: Day 3

GOD I WISH YOUTUBE WOULD ALLOW ME TO CREATE MY OWN THUMBNAILS. THEY ALWAYS CHOOSE WEIRD FRAMES. At any rate, Fruitarians do experience elevated moods. Oh, yes speaking of bananas:
Here are 3 fascinating banana tricks

  1. Rub Inside Banana peel on teeth to whiten them. Results in a few days.
  2. Use the inside of the peel as a salve for insect stings.
  3. Place banana peel on floor to get rid of clowns.
Is Nature’s Yellow wrapper too difficult to open?

Hypermnesia is a heighten exact or vivid MEMORY. I totally misused that term!!!!! OOPS.

I said there were two drawbacks, but mentioned three. The last one wasn’t really a drawback, it was not eating enough bananas. But I still called it “the second one.”


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How Barefoot Runners Made the World

This video reveals the secrets and beauty of a persistence hunt.

The runner is wearing shoes, but he is using a natural, barefoot stride. Even though his heels are padded, he still has a mid-foot strike. Look closely at the slow motion video. Those aren’t high tech ultra lightweight running shoes either. They look like a cheap pair of cross-trainers. It looks like he started out straight bare, then put the shoes on towards the end. That makes sense.

The Secret of Endurance

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I discovered this book through a friend.

The system focuses on “training the aerobic system” with foods and movement. It’s about learning to improve your endurance without sacrificing health. In fact, Dr. Maffetone reveals that endurance can lead to healthier, happier, and longer life. He also dispels the myths about training: “… the human engine doesn’t need to be fueled on suffering…”

If you’ve always wanted to run a marathon, a triathlon, or any other type of race that requires endurance, but were concerned about your health and time,  buy this book.


–Dr. Maffetone

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Bellows Breath for Running & Health

Sometimes you wake up feeling as if you made of lead. Heavy, tired, completely unmotivated to get out of bed. This kind of lethargy can become debilitating. But, if you’re willing to feel a little goofy, you can bring the sloth to extinction. And you won’t need an expensive Transcendental Mediation Workshop to do it.

In fact, this dynamic breathing exercise only snags a minute of your time. It’s easy to learn. If you do it alone, no on will have a clue to the secret of your boundless energy and charisma.

This form of breathing is called Bhastrika (pronounced bah-STREE-kah). It’s one of many yoga breathing techniques. Bhastrika roughly translates to the “bellows breath”. As you’ll soon discover, it’s an appropriate name because when you perform it correctly, you sound just like a bellows stoking the fires. The technique is active. You draw breath forcibly in and out through the nose in equal proportion. Make sure you blow your nose before you begin this practice.

Bellows Breath aka Bhastrika for Barefoot Runners Step by Step

  1. Sit Straight & Relax your Shoulders

  2. Breath In and Out through Your NOSE

    Take a few deep, full breaths. Your stomach should expand when you INHALE and contract when you EXHALE. You should hear the air as it moves quickly through your nose and throat into your lungs during inhalation. You should also hear the breath during the exhalation. If you’re doing it correctly, you should hear sound like a bellows. This is a vigorous, forceful breath. Very active. The breaths should be rapid: about one second in, followed by one second out. The out breath is IMMEDIATE; no pause. Just in out in out, etc. Both breaths are through your nose. The mouth takes a vacation for during this type of breathing. It stays shut throughout.

  3. Continue the Vigorous In Out Breaths for 30 seconds, then Breath Normally, but Stay Seated.

    You may feel dizzy, lightheaded, or, like I did, as if you’re floating. Don’t panic, this is normal. Just enjoy the calm for another 30 seconds. You will find that the calmness lingers and that you will have more energy and creative ideas as the day progresses. This practice should be done at least three times a day, but 10 times is optimal. It should NOT before bed because it does tend to give you energy. If you do it too close to bedtime, it can keep you awake.

Note: This is aggressive breathing. Refrain from this technique if you’re pregnant or have had abdominal surgery. Don’t do this WHILE running. Do it before or after runs.