Is Your Personal Information Safe? Dangerous Privacy Glitch in Google Exposed

Opt Out of Google Advertising Today
Opt Out of Google Advertising Today

A few days ago, bizarre ads filled my screen. Many of them aimed at women: Maxipads for instance. They appeared on Youtube & in MY private google account. Even on Spotify I received ads for Christian books and mascara. At first, I was amused. But the offbeat ads have become downright annoying. So, I delved into my Google Ad settings.

I was shocked to discover that Google pegged me as a 17 year old girl!

And it’s not just Google. I’ve had issues with Amazon as well. For instance when my WIFE was logged into Amazon. MY wishlist appeared on her suggested buys–when she clicked on the “Your Wishlist” link, MY wishlist appeared. What’s even worse was Amazon’s sending HER purchase suggestions to MY google e-mail. I received direct  e-mails from Amazon suggesting that I buy things from HER private wishlist for myself. Somehow Amazon’s cookies crossed our wish lists. Our names are different. Amazon has no way of knowing that we’re married. It’s disturbing because her personal preferences were sent to me without her consent. And mine were sent to her without my consent. The privacy hole is huge and frightening. We contacted Amazon and they have fixed the issue.

I’m sure that I am not alone. Anyone who shares a computer with someone else has probably endured similar glitches. Here’s how I was able to “Opt Out” of Google advertising.

Step 1

Step One for opting out of Google Advertising.
Step One for opting out of Google Advertising.

Log in to your account. Just below the gear/configure icon, click the link that says, “Why this Ad?

Step 2

Step Two for Blocking Google Ads
Step Two for Blocking Google Ads

A balloon will appear  it will say:

This ad was based on the email you were viewing. Ads Settings puts you in control of the ads you see.

Click on the link that says, “Ads Settings

Step 3

Step Three to Avoiding Creepy Google Ads
Step Three to Avoiding Creepy Google Ads

Click on the links that say, “Opt Out“.


For added privacy, you might also want to disable Flash Cookies.

To find out more about Safe Browsing Visit:



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Want to SAFELY Plot & Track Mileage for a Running Route, WHILE YOU RUN IT?

Do you have a smartphone? Can you install Apps on it?

If you’re NOT one of BILLIONS of people who owns SmartPhone, then Buy a SmartPhone at Amazon! Or just buy anything from Amazon! I’m an affiliate. When you use links from this blog to Visit Amazon & you buy something–anything, I get a small commission. We both Win.

Dirty Little Secret: 

You do NOT NEED TO REGISTER RUNKEEPR to enjoy all of the terrific features.

THE KEY Terrific BENEFITS of using RUNKEEPR WITHOUT registering:

  • Live Mileage Tracking WHILE YOU RUN
  • Distance Updates WHILE YOU RUN
  • Current Pace WHILE YOU RUN
  • Set Time Triggers
  • Set Distance Triggers (I do this a lot. Every .5 Mile.)
  • Workout Summaries AFTER YOU RUN
  • Training  / Wind-Sprint INTERVALS WHILE YOU RUN

To enjoy the above without registering, I just hit “Maybe Later” when the log-in screen appears on my Phone. All of my runs are stored in my phone’s memory.

You can, however, choose to register the App, which would allow you to join “street teams” share routes, share training updates, even post to The Facebook. Registration is FREE.

What about The Daily Mile?

The Daily Mile privacy setting are a stalker’s dream. This girl I know set her routes to be private. Yet, as an unregistered, anonymous user, I was able to pull her running routes and even discover at which times she was running them. According to her privacy settings, her run locations were supposed to be protected from public view; obviously, they weren’t. She contacted Daily Mile support, but they were unresponsive. The last time, I checked, the huge privacy hole hadn’t been covered.

RunKeepr has privacy settings that work. It’s also much easier to use than The Daily Mile.

Take Aways:

Download & Use RunKeepr

Use my Links to Buy Stuff Amazon


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Twitter Blacklist: Will Your Site be Next?

Twitter blacklisted Barefoot Runner’s Life!!!!!!!

All existing Twitter links to this blog, many of which show up for searches, bring this warning page:

Twitter inexplicably bans barefoot runner's blog

If you click on the “Tweet” button above or try to TWEET a link to Barefoot Runner’ Life , you’ll see the error message:

Twitter CEonsorship. Blacklisted Blog
Unjust Twitter blacklist blog

I contacted Twitter support asking them to remove my site from the blacklist. They took off the list for a matter of minutes, but then placed it back. Twitter has NOT provided a reason for banning and maligning my Blog.

Here is the e-mail I sent:

False Positive for Blacklist

Someone blacklisted my site on Twitter. I am NOT a spammer or malicious hacker and my site does NOT and has NOT had any malware installed on it ( ). I’m just a blogger who runs barefoot. I would like to know why my site has been blacklisted. If I’m violating any of your guidelines, please let me know. I will correct whatever issue you have.

I urge Twitter users to contact Twitter support and request that this site be removed from the Blacklist.

Twitter censors blogs

Twitter you may censor my blog, but you will never censor my SOLE!!!! :0)

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Facebook Rehab: Do You Need It?

MArk Zuckerberg Barefoot
Barefoot Mark Zuckerberg

Like most Americans who experience the sublime hyper-connected loneliness of living online, I had to peep into Pandora’s Box. But I had no idea that it could be so dangerous. Studies suggest that Facebook is more addictive than cigarettes and liquor.

Picture a young man weeping, his face cupped in his hands.

“What’s the matter?” you ask.

“I just don’t understand it” he bellows.

“Don’t understand what?” you ask.

“I thought my update was LOL-worthy, but none of my friends even clicked the ‘like’ button!” His sobs overtake him.

“How long ago did you post it?” you ask.

He manages to blurt out, “Five minutes ago, but that’s like five months online.”

Many chronic users of social media find the urge to post or read status updates irresistible. Facebook addicts who are placed in rehab, report that they are: fretful, confused, anxious, irritable, insecure, nervous, restless, panicked, jealous, angry, lonely, jittery, and depressed without their social media fix. There is even a clinical term for the disease: Facebook Addiction Disorder.

What are the signs of FAB?

  1. Lost sleep over Facebook, staying up late to update or see what’s happening with others.
  2. Consistently waste of more than an hour a day on Facebook.
  3. Obsession with old loves or friends from the past.
  4. Ignoring work to expend more energy on Facebook.
  5. A pervasive urge to check status updates–upset when unable to connect to Facebook because the Internet is down or the phone/handheld is out of power.

Does Facebook really connect us to each other, or is it yet another “wall” between us?

That brings to mind a wonderful Chinese Proverb:

When the wind rises, some people build walls. Others build windmills.

If you think Facebook is a windmill, you need the cure:


3 days without Facebook

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