Honesty in 3 Letters

I was disappointed and frustrated that my race times were so pathetically slow this year. I thought I trained well. But obviously I didn’t. So I asked myself what did I do last year that I didn’t do this year?

The answer was clear. Last year, I used my GPS for every run. It kept me honest. Every time I hit the streets or trials I knew exactly how far and how fast I was running. This year it was all guesswork. For instance, I added a “10 mile” trail run to my schedule. I estimated the mileage by the Upper Salmon River  signs and by feel. When I wore my GPS watch  on the run last week, I discovered that the trail markers were correct, but my estimates were wrong. My “10 mile trail run” was only 8.97 miles. The miles felt  longer because the trail has some steep, technical spots that slowed my pace considerably. Because I used this “10 mile run” as the basis for other mileage (I looped the route to get in my 15 and 20 milers) all of my training mileage was off. I was also running the route much slower than I should have.

This year I learned that honesty can be spelled with just three letters: GPS. For now, I’m still using my ancient Garmin Forerunner to track my mileage. But here some top of the line models that are in my wish list. These watches are perfect some of the longer ultras that I’m planning next year:


Boring Barefoot Marathon Training Day 8

I didn’t want to get out of bed at five thirty this morning. I was too comfortable. Besides my legs were a little sore and I didn’t sleep well. It is by will alone I set my mind in motion…Once I got my ass out from under the sheets,  I strapped my on running sandals, but  the damned cord snapped. If you don’t own running sandals, then you don’t how much it motherfuckingsucks to retie them. It’s a fine art to get the delicate tension just right, especially when you’re using the “permanent knot” method. After fidgeting, cussing, and igniting the knot with a match*, I realized that had another impediment to overcome: my GPS needed to be reprogrammed. I needed to update my intervals. Thankfully, the update went smoothly.  Even so, I was frustrated because I was on a tight schedule. I need to get my runs before work. If I don’t run before work, the run hangs over my head like a well fed elephant. It also means that I’ll be stuck running in the heat or if it’s too hot, then waiting until eight or nine, which means going to bed at ten or eleven, skipping meditation and reading.

Fortunately, I was able to get out of door at a reasonable time. I had to force myself to break into a jog: It is by will alone I set my mind in motion… Once I cleared a few streets with my freshly tied sandals and my GPS programmed, I had a good run:

After a two mile warm-up, I ran ten sets of intervals: 2 minute fast (80-90% effort) with 1 minute recovery.  All told, I ran over six miles. Some of the intervals were unintentionally uphill. I didn’t plan them that way, it’s just the path of my regular running route. I don’t get much recovery uphill, but it tones the fuck out of my heart without staining my lips–for lip staining, I need the juice of sapho.

It is the day of the Mentat. This post it just to let you know that I’m still training. Check back tomorrow, perhaps there will be some of Paul-Muad’Dib’s wisdom.


* Setting fire to the knot shrinks it, thereby saving your foot from excessive agony.

5 Easy Ways to Boost Health & Fitness

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5 Easy Jackpots to Health & Fitness
What has your cellphone done for your health lately? Probably nothing. Aside from Porn, what has your computer done to raise your heart rate? Same answer.

Technology doesn’t have to be an excuse to sit on your ass. Instead, it can be a goldmine of health of fitness. Herein are five killer resources for runners, athletes, and any one who wants to live healthy and stay fit.

Spark People (Website)

Open Source Weight Watchers. No fees, no pressure, just a fun way to lose weight and feel great.

Recipe Calorie Calculator (Website)

A useful Spark People Resource. This easy to use tool extracts the calories and nutritional value from your ingredients. It’s perfect for finding out how much nutritional value is in the foods you prepare for yourself. Find out exactly how many calories are in your Chia Isake.

Cronometer (Website)

This free social health site lets you track your caloric intake and excercise. It’s a great way to see what you’re really eating–it’s a turbo charged food diary. You can join it through Facebook.

Insight Timer (SmartPhone App)

We use this app at Sandy Sangha Set specific meditation intervals.

RunKeeper (SmartPhone App)

The best running app and social running site. Run Keeper is excellent because YOU CAN REMAIN ANONYMOUS and still enjoy the basic Run Keeper APP. It’s  FREE. It’s more stalker proof than Daily Mile because it has privacy setting that actually work. Daily Mile will trick you into thinking that your routes are hidden when they are really public. Run Keeper protects your privacy.

Do you have any “Secret Apps” or Websites that would like to share?
Post a comment.
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How to Track your Barefoot Mileage with Android App

Phones phones phones? They’re magnificent. But finding apps to keep you fit is another story.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Where can i get android apps for running or physical training?” because you’re specifically and only interested in apps of android.

Here is “how do you get apps for android”.

My wife turned me onto this FREE android app (they have an iPhone app as well). It’s the only barefoot running app you’ll ever need:


The smart-phone app allows you to instantly track, measure, and improve your fitness.  You can

  • View your GPS location on a live Map
  • Customize Interval Workouts
  • Use the App on Treadmill & Other Cardio Equipment
  • Discover your Mileage & Pace
  • Measure Calories Burned

My wife has always been concerned about her running location being public. Run Keeper allows her to track her mileage and time keep her routes PRIVATE. She had issues with privacy and creepy people viewing her routes on Daily Mile.

For those who want to share their routes and routines with others on Run Keeper, there is a “social” feature. You can join a “street team” and even find new friends by browsing through local users.

This app is perfect for long run with barefoot running sandals.
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Shameless Product Plug:

Amazon Sells Smart Phones:

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