5 Useless Facts about the Newly Discovered Sun

  1. Some demented deity could cram 1 million earths into the sun; it would have to a
    Sunrise in bog
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    pretty stupid deity though because then he’d probably break the sun and then be left with a bunch of burnt up earths. What’s he gonna do with those?

  2. The sun has a diameter of  32,954.5455 marathons and only 8,700 100-mile ultras.
  3. Like me, the sun is Not a reptilian humanoid.
  4. The closet star to the earth is mostly composed of hydrogen, which makes sense because of all the elements in the periodic table,  hydrogen is the lightest–get it lol light as brightness and light as in weight.
  5. Because it is so obvious, there is no official discoverer or discovery date for the sun–until today: Brilliant Barefoot Running Sandy Man, Valen Longfeather, miraculously (’cause he lives in Oregon) discovers the SUN!!!!! All solar usage now requires a discovery royalty, make checks payable to Valen Longfeather.
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