Are You Pissing on Your Brain?

The orginal title for this post was “Stop pissing on your Mind,” but my girlfriend–who is also my lovely wife– said it was too harsh. Then I changed it to “Instant Optimism” but that was too short.

At any rate, so much of sales & life is learning to manage your mind. Sales is also about projecting a positive, attractive image. People do not like to work with unhappy

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sales persons.

That said, persons in sales are barraged with negative thoughts, people, and set-backs. It’s easy to spiral into depression and negative thinking.

I discovered a simple trick to dealing with negative thoughts. It works for most other problems as well. It’s a one word shifter that turns the impossible into the possible. I discovered it by combining instant mood improvement techniques gleaned from positive professionals such as Grant Cardone, Mark Goulston M.D, and William Ury.

The magic word is “unless“. That one word automatically and immediately shifts your thinking. Instead of assuming that problems are persistent, pervasive, and insurmountable.  “Unless” lifts your brain from the hole.

Here’s how it works. Imagine you’re upset because it’s raining outside. You might think to yourself, “Today’s gonna be a terrible day…” Soon after this kind of mind chatter, your brain will come up with reasons for giving you a terrible day. To stop your brain from seeking out reasons to ruin your day, simply tack on the word “unless” to the end of any negative statement:

Today’s gonna be a terrible day…UNLESS…” 

Suddenly you’ll notice a flood of uplifting thoughts: “Today’s gonna be a terrible day UNLESS: I go bowling with friends, or unless I skate at the indoor park, or unless I finish painting that picture.”

Unless works miracles.

The other way to weaken disempowering thoughts is to ask better questions. For example, the same situation. “It’s gonna be a terrible day.” Instead of using the unless trick, you may ask yourself, “What can I do to make today fantastic?” This may seem to be a dead end at first. But you will find that minutes later, the ideas will start pouring in. The more frequently you ask yourself empowering questions such as “What can I do today to improve my life? Or what can I do right now to feel better?” (Even if the answers don’t come immediately), the more your mind will go to work on them. You will discover that positive thoughts will attract more positive thoughts.

These two tricks are easy, but they must be used consistently to produce results. It’s amazing how much they have improved my life.


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5 or Six Ways to Beat the Blues

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The Winter doldrums can try to dim the brightest hearts. But Winter doesn’t have to be a somber time of sadness.

Here are five or six things I do when I’m feeling a little down. Of course, I do them without shoes on. So, the first step to feeling good is to take off your shoes! It’s the only way to feel the world.

  1. I Gobble Grateful-Fruits:
    I force myself to think of good things in my life–those are the grateful fruits. Sometimes, I think about this blog. Lately, I’ve been getting more visitors and more visitors. Knowing that other people value my thoughts, dumb jokes, and rants makes me smile. Other times, I think about how wonderful it is be healthy enough to run and hike barefoot in the Northwest.
    I hunt for anything in my life that I can be grateful for. When I do this, my mind automatically focuses on other things that make me feel good. It takes a little effort, but it works. And it sets my thoughts on the path to happiness.
  2. Project my Personal Powerhouse
    Over the years, I’ve realized that some people are miserable. For whatever reason, they have chosen dark over light. Unfortunately, when chronically miserable people enter a room, all the plants and my heart seems to wither. It can be draining to be around such people. Whenever possible, I remove myself from their presence, but if that is not feasible, I simply don’t take anything they say to heart. They are miserable. They want everyone else to be miserable. I don’t partake in misery. I hate feeling miserable.
    In general, I make it habit not to take ANYTHING personally. I fob off criticism onto bad behaviors. Behaviors change. Yes, some of my behaviors suck, but I AM MORE THAN MY BEHAVIORS. Whenever someone says, “You always….” or “You are….I ignore what follows. They are simply describing my bad behaviors. Sometimes, the person is right about the negative behavior, but I don’t bind my identity to it. True, I can be mean, cruel, and even a little evil at times, but I’m NOT and will never be a MEAN,CRUEL, or EVIL PERSON. Those behaviors aren’t my true nature. So, I NEVER attribute negative comments or behaviors to my nature. I know that I am fearfully and wonderfully made and absolutely perfect in my own way.
  3. Overpowering Optimism
    This one takes practice and effort, but it’s worth it. Basically, I eliminate negative pervasive explanations. Negatively pervasive explanations steal my power. As soon I start attributing behaviors to deep personal flaws, I lose all control. It becomes an excuse to stagnate. For example, if I miss a deadline, I don’t beat myself up about it. I admit my shortcoming, but focus on all of the other times when I did make the deadline. I also focus on the end result, the client wants quality work; so, rather put inferior work on time, I had to delay to put out something worthwhile. Don’t get me wrong, missed deadlines are NOT something I’m proud of, but I don’t allow them to chip away at my self-esteem. I don’t let flukes or even patterns of behavior for that matter parade as my chemical make-up. When I’m the world’s most optimistic person, I put a positive spin on EVERYTHING; then, it becomes impossible to frown.
  4. Shower & Shave
    This is very important, I used to neglect my personal appearance when I was depressed; now, it’s the first I tend to when I’m feeling down. There’s something invigorating about taking the time to look good. The cleansing ritual also serves as a distraction, it’s difficult to think negative thoughts when you’re proactively making yourself look better.
  5. Positive Pictures
    This is another one that takes effort, but it works. I visualize myself smiling and happy. I also force a smile–sometimes its painful, but it gets easier the longer it’s there. I also see myself on the beach or surrounded by wealth and beauty. If I’m really feeling down, I’ll go ahead and Google images for “wealth” “happiness” “joy”, etc. I also make sure that  I have the “strict” image search filter on; otherwise, I usually end up viewing porn. OK, that last two words of the previous is Secret Number Six 😉
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