How to Use Google Maps to Plot Running Routes

It’s easier just use a free smart-phone app called RunKeepr. But for historical reference, I’ll leave the info about Google Maps intact. It’s also worth knowing that Google Maps tends to UNDER ESTIMATE┬áMILEAGE. I thought I was running 3 miles, but my GPS showed that I was actually running 4!
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You don’t need to use a fancy, custom running route APP to plot your course and get your mileage. Google has done all the hard work for you. All you have to do is learn a little about how to create custom maps. It’s easier than you think. Plus, you can add images and share your routes with other barefoot runners:

Step By Step:

Use Google Maps to Plot Running Route

First Make Sure you Enter Your Start Address

Use the “My Maps” Link

Click the “Create New Map” Link

Enter a Snappy Name for Route and write a clever description of it. Also decide whether you want the route to be public or private.

If you entered your start address the map should be at your start location. Use the LINE TOOL to DRAW YOUR ROUTE. The LINE TOOL is BEST because it DOESN’T LIMIT YOU TO STREETS. The LINE TOOL also CALCULATES DISTANCE.

Hit “Save”. You’re done. Not too bad was it?

If none of that made sense, don’t worry. This video will show everything you need to know: