Should You Run Bare in the Snow?

The snow actually feels pretty nice with bare feet. It’s like walking on a cold cloud, which isn’t far from truth. The snow did fall from the sky after all.

I was surprised by how long it took my feet to become uncomfortable. I made half way down the driveway before I felt the pain kick in. By the time I got to the mailbox, my toes were getting numb. I probably could have a run .25 mile, but didn’t want to risk it. The snow was wet and deep. And I don’t like numbness. I do my best to listen to my body. When it shuts down sensation in an area, I don’t mess around. Frostbite is serious.

When I stepped back inside, I was greeted with an unexpected pleasure. My barefoot romp in the snow brought an exhilarating rush of blood to my feet. A delightful tingle, which treated my toes to a world of new sensations.

But this post isn’t about getting out of the snow, it’s about being in the snow. So,the question stands: should you run barefoot in the snow?

Yes, you can run bare in snow, but you should take some precautions. Stay close to a vehicle or your home–probably not more than .25 mile and pay attention to your feet. If they go numb or turn blue. It’s time to stop. I don’t think longer distances are a good idea, especially if you’re alone. Every year people freeze to death. In fact the storm that gave us 4 inches of snow in a matter of hours came in from nowhere. It was raining just a half an hour before it struck. The mountain weather is unpredictable; you must respect Mother Nature. Snow also hides shards of glass, rusty nails, and other sharp objects. Running on ploughed roads isn’t any better. Their rough surface, pitted gravel, and metal debris will chew up your feet.

But there are some people who have strengthened their feet to a remarkable point. Take a look at this video:

The point of running barefoot is enhancing the joy of running, the footage above doesn’t seem entirely sane, but who am I to judge? Maybe running barefoot through icy water is fun. The runner in this video doesn’t seemed phased by it.

Snow & Icy Wind Too Cold to Go Bare Not Too Cold to Drive Wife Crazy

We got icy snow and some chilly wind. Much too cold to run barefoot outside. I decided to drive my wife nuts by complaining about how uncomfortable my shoes are.

That got old fast because I LOVE my wife, even though she wears shoes. So, I discovered a more productive way to pass the time indoors. I wrote a bunch of barefoot Conan O Brien Biographies and then I ran barefoot on my treadmill:

#COBio I had a fan rewrite my Twitter bio. Wanna hear something else scary? This isn’t my beard.

#COBio Yes, I’m the guy who got Martha Stewart to bring him Taco Bell & an Olde English 40oz.

#COBio I had a fan write my Twitter Bio. Now you know how I got through Harvard.

#COBio I had a fan rewrite my Twitter bio. If I could only get him to clean my gutters…

#COBio I went to Harvard and I host a late night show. One is meaningless jokes where nothing is achieved, the other airs 11/10c on TBS.

#COBio I think my photographer needs a hearing aid. I told him I wanted the photo to show me with a “chip” on my shoulder.

#COBio As you can tell from bio pic, Jay and I became friends.