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Valen Longfeather Barefoot RunnerAs many readers know, the content of my blog is anything but focused. So I was shocked when someone offered to buy my Website.

I immediately thought about what I have written over the year.  Rifling through the archives, I found posts about ghost encounters, an interview with a fictional reptilian from Star Trek, a remarkably handsome long haired fellow ranting about Vibram Five Fingers on a YouTube Video, some silly jokes, a few Podcasts with too many sound effects, and even crappy poetry.

I have, of course, slanted all my content and media for this blog toward barefoot running and what it means to me. But I must admit that some of my “popular” content was written with keywords and search engines in mind. I used the keywords as a writing prompt–similar to the way I write sonnets, I start with the end rhymes, then write the lines. I never published anything that I could not spin into a worthwhile post. As you can tell, I speak my mind and I do my best to be transparent and honest about my affiliates–even going so far as write “shameless affiliate plug” next to affiliate links.

The offer to buy my Website forced me examine the blog. Looking at it, I realize that impressions and affiliate income isn’t my main goal. I want to express myself and I don’t want to box myself into writing posts from a list of keywords. I HATE blogs like that and I HATE how dirty SEO has rendered Google and other search engines useless.

It’s time to get uncomfortable; it’s time for a change. I started it off with an ultra conservative haircut. And I’m continuing it with this blog.

The disquieting truth of life is that everything is transient. People, pets, prizes,and possessions sparkle bright in the darkness for a bit then fade away. There’s something that seems inherently sad about that. Buddha said that the pain of impermanence/transience arises from attachment. We cling to the world, our lives, our relationships, our families, our possessions, and accomplishments. We expect them to remain present, predictable, and permanent. They aren’t. When the earth rumbles and land beneath our feet sinks, we scream and claw at crumbling dirt instead of floating into the Great Abyss.
It’s odd that I find myself compelled to shake my personal universe, to write about my personal life, “to explore strange new worlds, to seek new life and civilizations, to boldly go where no barefootedly written split infinitive has gone before.”

Since I don’t always wear shoes, barefeet will stomp through my posts. But on the whole, the writing for my blog will not be as instructional or as heavily “barefoot runner”; instead, it will shift to the “life” part of “barefoot runner’s life”. I will, from time to time, write how to posts or offer tips about running without shoes as learn them. And I will also preserve the content  and media that I have already produced. I hope you continue read. I hope you comment, and I hope you become a new friend not only in cyberspace, but also in real life.

May you be happy, may you be healthy, may you live with ease.


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Exclusive Interview with Gorn

My Exclusive Interview with Gorn, the Mighty

Valen (v): What is it like to be a reptilian humanoid?

Gorn (g): I’m not a reptilian humanoid.

v: But you have scales, teeth, and a forked tongue.

g: Fish have scales. I’m not a fish.

v: Your logic is infallible.

g: I kick ass at logic. I’ll beat any Vulcan in a logic brawl.

v: I was being ironic. But Vulcans are pretty logical.

g: I’m logicaler. That’s how I killed Lieutenant Kirk.

v: You didn’t kill Captain Kirk; he kicked your ass in that episode.

g: Lieutenant Kirk tasted like a hot and crispy Onion Rings. I am deeply saddened that I did not have some zesty dipping sauce for him.

v: I think you’re a few pages short of a novel. Did you eat his shoes too?

g: No, Lieutenant Kirk was barefoot.

v: What are you talking about? Captain Kirk was wearing USS Enterprise Federation issued boots.

g: I was wearing the Romulan issued boots you speak of. I run in them all the time. Boots are the best way to run.

v: Your were shoeless in that episode. Besides, I’d rather run with broken beer bottles on my feet than run in boots.

g: How would you know about the many comforts and wonders of Romulan boots. You just want to argue.


v: But, you weren’t wearing boots in that episode. You were clearly shoeless. Look at this picture.

Start Trek Gorn barefoot
The Gorn Captain bare foot.

g: I see that you are not interested in logical discussion, just wrestling with words. Have brought the required sacrifice of lambs, goats, and pigs?

v: Yes. Can we down to the topic of barefoot running?

g: We were on the topic of barefoot running. It’s stupid and it’s bad for you.

v: How so?

g: Isn’t it obvious? Shoes are made for running. If you run without shoes it’s bad for you. You can’t fight logic.

v: There’s no logic in that argument.

g: That’s totally choke-you-out, infallible logic. You just can’t see it because you’re an illogical hippie.

v: I’m too young to be a hippie.

g: Hippie is as hippie does. Send in the clowns–I mean goats.

v: An interesting slip, Gorn. Do you like clowns?

g: I don’t eat clowns

v: Why not?

g: They taste like hippies.

v: What’s wrong with hippies?

g: They taste like clowns.

v: I see. I was hoping to get at barefoot running.

g: You are just trying to make me spit fireballs. I already told you barefoot running is great for your health.

v: You said it was bad and stupid.

g: Are you calling me a liar?

v: I think you might have misspoken.

g: Oh, so you’re calling me stupid. Gorn the mighty, the universe’s toughest logician.

v: No, I’m calling you fallible.

g: You dare speak to Gorn the mighty with such disrespect!? Typical hippie when your logic crumbles, you attack the reptile, I mean the human.

v: Aha! You admit you’re a reptilian.

g: Have you seen “Black Swan”?

v: Don’t change the subject.

g: Have you?

v: Yes, I wasn’t all that impressed with it.

g: You remind of the lizard in that movie.

v: I don’t recall a lizard

g: Yes, the bulgy eyed lizard in that movie–the one that lied to the townspeople.

v: I think you’re thinking of the movie Rango, not Black Swan.

g: It was Black Swan, you are the black swan that told everyone you were a crack shot and then made the whole town die of thirst.

v: Rango saves the town in that movie.

g: The black swan kills the whole town and the rattle snake eats them. I hope you’re happy.

Shortly after this interview, Gorn attempted to eat what he thought was a goat, but what was in reality a rusty propane tank.

Gorn the Mighty
Gorn, the Mighty. Dead after barefoot runners life exclusive interview. RIP


Rest In Pieces, Gorn the Mighty. May you sleep better than I spell.