Barefoot Boring Marathon Training Day 11

Today kicks off Sandy Days–a celebration of all things Sandy Oregon. Moni and I shot photos and videos of the main street parade. I’ll upload the images tomorrow. BTW, I recently bought myself a SonyAction Cam–I’ll use it to shoot footage of the Huckleberry Half  Marathon & the Boring Full Marathon. The camera is great, but not all that easy to use, especially when it comes to time lapse video. Mysteriously, Sony’s video editing software does NOT have a feature that converts the still frames that it produces into a video clip. WTF? It’s so stupid. The camera shoots time lapse videos as single jpg images, which means it’s up to you to convert them to video. It’s absolutely insane that the video editing software that Sony provides does NOT have a feature to convert the jpgs to a time lapse video clip.  I had to download GOPRO’s free video editing software to make a time lapse video with my SONY camera.  Really, WTF? Their engineers can make a kick-ass camera that splash under water, skid across concrete, and compensate for camera shake, but they didn’t couldn’t figure out how to convert still images into a video clip?

At any rate, I ran seven miles today. And I’m proud to report that I stuck to my target heart rate zone the entire time.  On the Tickle Creek Trail, an elderly lady said I was a “Grecian Runner!” I’ve seen her and husband before. They always smile and encourage me when I run by.  I like the Grecian thing, I am, after all, training for a marathon.

See you after the Sandy Carnival.