Barefoot Boring Marathon Training Day 10

Google Hacked

This is creepy. I’ve been posting  about my heart rate monitor on this blog. What’s so creepy about that? Nothing. Here’s the creepy part: I’ve been receiving calls on my Google voice–my voicemail account is associated with the e-mail address for this blog–from a number that connects to a cardiac/thoracic surgeon. Isn’t that frightening!? Some bot or psycho heart surgeon is harvesting content, figuring out the Google voice number from the e-mail address, and then placing targeted, unwanted, illegal phone calls. What a Brave New World we live in.

While I don’t enjoy receiving spam calls, I don’t fret because I always file a complaint with the FTC whenever I receive them.

As for training, I ran a steeper longer hill for my intervals. This week it’s still: 10 times 90 seconds uphill at 80%-90% effort with  90 seconds of recovery. I think my training plan only has me running intervals twice a month, Thank God!!! Although, I must say that I always feel fantastic when my intervals are done.

What does tomorrow hold? Check back to find out.