Bruce Tulloh RIP

Bruce Tulah running barefoot on a dirt track during a race.
Bruce Tulah running to victory in his bare feet.

Bruce Tulloh the original “Forest Gump” and world famous barefoot running champion passed away this April from cancer at age 82. He was an inspiration to athletes around the world.  A renaissance man, excelling as an athletic competitor, coach, teacher, scientist, musician, and author, Tulloh described his record-breaking trans-America journey in one of running’s best narrative books, Four Million Footsteps (1970). He was also one of a handful of athletes who ran with Raramuri in Mexico during the 1970s.

Bruce’s trademark secret weapon was his remarkable ability to burst into a furious sprint during the last 300 meters to 700 meters before crossing the finish line. He claimed his bare feet, unencumbered by the weight from shoes,  empowered him to accelerate quickly,  giving him the winning edge even on world-class fields.
Here is some footage of one of his many astonishing victories:

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