The Shocking Truth about Diets: How to Eat & Live Healthy

Have you ever wondered why the very moment you start a diet, your cravings for junk food instantly explode? Why eating becomes a chore to endured? Why caloric restrictions only make you want to overeat?

This post explains why. Discover some easy tricks to eating and living healthy.

You don’t have to count calories or starve to be fit and healthy. It’s possible to eat as much as you want, feel satisfied, and improve your energy, health, and fitness. Stop DIEting, start LIVING.

Fruitarian 7 Day Challenge: Day 3

GOD I WISH YOUTUBE WOULD ALLOW ME TO CREATE MY OWN THUMBNAILS. THEY ALWAYS CHOOSE WEIRD FRAMES. At any rate, Fruitarians do experience elevated moods. Oh, yes speaking of bananas:
Here are 3 fascinating banana tricks

  1. Rub Inside Banana peel on teeth to whiten them. Results in a few days.
  2. Use the inside of the peel as a salve for insect stings.
  3. Place banana peel on floor to get rid of clowns.
Is Nature’s Yellow wrapper too difficult to open?

Hypermnesia is a heighten exact or vivid MEMORY. I totally misused that term!!!!! OOPS.

I said there were two drawbacks, but mentioned three. The last one wasn’t really a drawback, it was not eating enough bananas. But I still called it “the second one.”


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Fruitarian 7 Day Challenge: Day 2

BTW, when I say, “vegetables,” I’m referring to culinary vegetables. Many culinary vegetables are botanically fruits. For example, cucumbers, tomatoes, and bell peppers are referred to as vegetables, but they’re botanically fruits. I’m eating botanical fruits & some seeds/nuts only. And I’m ONLY EATING RAW.

Why not beans too? I tried RAW, SPROUTED BEANS, they tastes like freeze dried rubber bands and they gave me a wicked stomach ache; so, I’m NOT eating them.

The Delicious fruitarian food combo I mention in the first part of the video is raw almonds (technically not 100% fruitarian, but come on, in small amounts, they aren’t unhealthy) & dates. They taste spectacular together. The almonds add a luscious texture to the sweet dates. I have switched to eating “raw caramel apples” Dates & apple wedges–delicious!

Oh, yes, here is a link to the wonderful Black Bean Extravaganza Dish:

 Engine 2 Black Bean Extravaganza

BTW, I skipped the onions and garlic. I would NOT eat those raw–if I had a cold, maybe garlic. Garlic is good natural medicine & it keeps away vampires, most reptilian humanoids, and fellow human beings within breathing range .

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The Problem with Holiday Cheer?

 (Listen to this song as you read the post. Stop when you get to the phrase, “hot shower”.)

effects of sugar hijacking
Depressed man

Trapped. I sat on the stairs looking at the front door wanting to leave the house, but feeling like my body was a block of ice frozen to the carpeted steps – the front door was right there and behind the door was the bright wide world, but I couldn’t move. I spent weeks like that.

Talking to people was like sitting naked and covered in sugar and salt in a room full stinging flies.  I abandoned my friends and family staying inside by myself.

One day, I trudged through the snow into my garage. I shut the door behind me, seated myself in the Jeep, unrolled the window and started the car. As the fumes filled the garage, I began to drift off. But something inside me shook me, urging me to wake up. I grasped for the keys, but merely jingled them on the steering wheel; finally, I managed to shut off the car, I groggily staggered out of the garage and inhaled the icy polluted air from desolate grey skies above.

blood in the snow
blood in the snow

Blood dripped down my nose onto the snow. It made me laugh hysterically. I still don’t why I thought it was funny. But the bright red streaks staining the blank, white snow seemed comical. I wanted to scoop them up and preserve them in a jar as work of high art; it was my masterpiece: blood on snow by Valen Longfeather. Instead of preserving the beautiful blood, I just walked inside the house and took a long hot shower (stop sad music).

(Now Play This Song for the rest of the Post.)

For so many years my mood had been hijacked. Luckily, I figured out how control it and so can you.

Is your mood being hijacked too? Have you ever wondered why the holidays are so damn depressing? As Santa’s Sleigh takes flight, our moods crash & burn. Is it the cold weather, the darkness, the annoying relatives?

No! It’s the main ingredient in most holiday foods that’s poisoning your mood.

Fudge, cookies, brittles, and toffees. Each one pack a deadly dose of sugar.

Overdosing on Sugar Hijacks your Brain & Can Destroy Your Life.

Did you know that excessive holiday sweets dangerously spike glucose levels in your blood, producing the following symptoms of disease?

  • fatigue
  • irritability
  • dizziness
  • insomnia
  • excessive sweating
  • damaged concentration
  • forgetfulness
  • excessive thirst
  • depression and crying spells
  • stomach pain
  • blurred vision.

The brain depends on an even supply of glucose. When glucose levels spin out control, the mind goes haywire. While sugar overdoses are the main culprit in raised glucose levels, other foods are just as dangerous, refined carbohydrates, such as white bread, pasta, white rice and most processed foods provide little nutrition and peak glucose levels often resulting in depression and mood disorders.

Persons who suffer from depression are especially vulnerable to mood hijacking. But that doesn’t mean you have to deprive yourself of sweets and goodies this holiday season.

Here are some tasty desserts that tickle your sweet tooth while providing other key nutrients to offset sugar damage and prevent mood hijacking.

The key is to eat whole foods such as dates, figs, dried fruits, etc. Some of the dessert items above do contain sugar, but they also have fiber and other vital nutrients, which help to diminish the damaging effects of sugar hijacking.

You can also eliminate or cut down on sugar and sweeten desserts with Stevia:

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Top 3 Healthy, Vegan Junk Foods Thanksgiving Edition

  1. Finley Crafted Beer.
    Nectar of the Gods
    Beer. The savior of humanity.

    It’s Vegan. It’s full of empty calories, alcohol & B12, which means it’s somewhat healthy. This post was written on finely crafted beer.

  2. Vegan Twinkies / Vegan cornbread (Much easier, just as tasty and MUCH EASIER TO MAKE.)
    Vegan Twinkies in all their barefoot glory. RIP Hostess.
    Almost as annoying to make as they sound. But they taste slightly less bland than you think.

    Yes, they are nearly impossible to make, but the effort is rewarded with the taste of mediocrity. Just buy a $10 damn E-bay Twinkie already!

    Vegan cornbread is very easy to make. You can substitute applesauce for oil to make them fat free. I love cornbread. This recipe is super easy.  Add more sugar/agave/stevia for a sweeter bread. 

  3. Banana Blueberry Bars
    Banana Blueberry Bars for the family hippie
    Delicious Banana Blueberry Bars

    Fairly tasty, failry ugly, fairly healthy. Make ’em, eat ’em, run, run, run.


    Want to Find Other Great Thanksgiving Vegan Recipes?

    Engine2 Comfort Foods on Pinterest

    Want to find out what you shouldn’t eat on Thanksgiving?

    Check out my Awesome Thanksgiving Disaster Post

Eating Chicken Can Kill You: 5 Deadly Lies About Poultry

I originally entitled this post, 5 weird facts about chicken, but I have written so many “weird facts” blog posts that I decided to take the poison route. Typical Supermarket Poultry isn’t as healthful as you think.


    Chicken has Less Cholesterol than Red Meat

    Chicken contains the same amount of cholesterol as a pork chop. Did you also know that chicken contains more cholesterol than lean ground beef?
    Every  time you consume 100 milligrams cholesterol you push your bad cholesterol up 5 points. Unlike fat, cholesterol concentrates in the lean part of the meat.
    Like dirt and crud in a pipe, bad cholesterol plugs up the arteries and veins and can lead to stroke or heart attack.
    Chicken Nuggets Are White

    Mechanically Separated Chicken PAste
    The disgusting chicken slime that becomes "chicken nuggets" AFTER it's bleached.

    The chicken carcasses churn through metal machines, which de-bone, and then ground-down the muscle, ligaments, and tendons into this disgusting PINK SLIME. The slime is then bleached–to fake the white color that we all associate with cooked chicken. Of course, McDonalds and fast food producers don’t stop there, they also add a host of toxic chemicals which, re-flavor, preserve, and help the “meat” hold its unholy shape.

    In the poultry industry, most raw chicken is injected with saltwater solutions. There are no regulations for the amounts of sodium used in saltwater plumping. As a result, it’s difficult to know how much extra sodium has been added to a cut of meat.
    A raw chicken breast naturally contains as little as 50 to 75mg of sodium per 4-ounce serving. But saltwater plumped chickens contain well over 400mg of sodium per serving!
    Why you should care about too much sodium.
    When your kidneys can’t get rid of excess sodium, they dump it into your blood stream. This cranks up blood volume because the extra sodium becomes magnetic, sticking to water. Not only does this raise your blood pressure, but it also forces your heart to work even harder to pump the slushy blood through your vessels, straining your arteries and organs.
    Can’t Catch Avian Flu from Chicken Meat
    Both the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization say that if the avian flu virus spreads to the United States, you could catch just by eating food prepared on the same cutting board as infected meat or eggs; even touching an infected eggshell could spread the disease.
    Chicken is Poop Free Meat
    If you’re eating chicken flesh, you’re eating some sort of poop.  A USDA study found that more than 99 percent of broiler chicken carcasses sold in supermarket stores had E. coli, indicating fecal contamination.


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